Audio: Dr Merera Gudina, Dr Brehanu Nega and Jawar Mohammed charged with terrorism

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Audio: Dr Merera Gudina, Dr Brehanu Nega and Jawar Mohammed charged with terrorism

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  1. Leave my hero Jawar alone. He is the only hope available for my Oromia. Jawar is the most educated and intelligent political leader ever. He is the walking encyclopedia of the history of neftegna atrocities inflicted on my beloved Oromos since the days of that neftegna bandit Menelik in 1925. Whenever I hear that Obbo Jawar will be in town or nearby for one of his fact filled speeches, I always make sure that I am there to hear/see him deliver. But I could not be there at one of his speeches a few months ago because my wife came down with a flu and was not able to look after my two service stations. But one of my very dear Oromo friends was there and he gave me the whole scoop of what was said then. One of the facts brought up by Obbo Jawar was the incidence where Oromos were taken to prison just because they were speaking in Oromifaa. That incidence involved with ages less than 11 years old. There were playing soccer with football they handmade using used clothes and cotton. The game was exciting and the kids were making a lot of noise encouraging their teammates and trash talking to their opponents. Everything was enjoyable until a neftegna bandit policeman showed up. He heard them speaking in Oromifaa and that triggered his rage. He then started charging at them to take them all to jail. He blew his whistle and all of a sudden 20 other neftegnas showed up and began gathering those innocent kids just because they spoke their mother language Oromifaa. Then one of the kids let loose himself from one of the neftegnas holding him and made a blinding dash away. You know neftegnas. They are all fat pigs and none of them were able to catch up to that kid. Then his mother heard the noise and came out to investigate what the noise was all about. She saw her kids being chased down by that police officer who by now he had his gun out aimed at her 9-year old kid. She immediately run between her precious son and the neftegna officer who pulled the trigger and killed her instantly. Her son saw his mother down and he turned back and ran toward her where was he shot down from behind by another neftegna. My friend told me that when this story was told there was no single dry eye. Everyone in the hall was crying. The women were wailing. Every body was screaming in grief with ‘O my son! O my sister!!’. The crying and wailing went on for almost an hour. And the speaker told the audience that such incidence was not an isolated one. In 2003 alone 135,678 Oromos were gunned down in broad day light in Finfine, Menzia and Ammarro Sayonte for speaking in their mother tongue Oromifaa. Obbo Jawar does not only speak but speaks backed with indisputable facts. I told this story to my wife and she could stop crying for days. Why we Oromos were singled out and prohibited from speaking our language, Oromifaa and get killed in cold blood for doing so? I want to hear the reasoning for such savagery from you neftegnas. Why?

  2. Mr. Hordofaa,
    When is the last time you had a physical and a brain scan? Surly, you are sick. Get help! You are narrow nationalist and blind thinker! The world is changing. The blood line you are preaching about is thinning out fast by the day. After people like you are six feet under, no one cares about their ethnicity. It is going to be a new world with a new thinking. The three that are accused by the TPLF are innocent people who see the world in their own ways and want to help the helpless. The accuser is the terrorist, not the accused. Dr. Gudina is balanced thinker with the love of his people and his country. He could of easily left Ethiopia to live abroad. He chose to fight the past and the present in his own land. That to me is extraordinary. We must help his family and him in every way we can. He is one of a kind who fought and taught three different regimes!

  3. What makes you think that I am sick? There is a lot being revealed for the first time thanks for Obbo Jawar and others like him. I am just helping their untiring effort to be known by many more. I wish I was there when the story was told but lucky for me one of my dear Oromo friends was there and he told me every thing word for word. So stop calling me derogatory names for using my human rights properly. Otherwise, I will sue you for defamation and causing me to suffer untold emotional distress. I can tell you that you will not stand a chance with my world renowned Oromo lawyers. So you better shut up otherwise I will force you to file for bankruptcy.

    There was another factual story told at another similar gathering. Do you know that the other neftegna bandit king Selassie had a group of Oromo airforce fighter jet pilots infected with syphilis because they excelled at everything during their training both at Bishoftu and in Norway? It was told that the jealous neftegnas went to his palace and complained about the accomplishments of the Oromo pilots. Selassie then conspired with his personal neftegna doctor and infected all the Oromo airforce pilots with the deadly bacteria in 1979. One by one they all died in just 5 years except one who had lived to tell about it 10 years ago but the neftegnas hunted him down and killed home by running him over with an industrial heavy roller. All those pilots had gone back to their respective villages when they realized their death was eminent. Then everyone in their villages got infected with the deadly bacteria where 290,800 Oromos died as a result in 1980 and Selassie did not do anything about it. As you see there has been a lot hidden from Oromos like me and now thanks to hardworking freedom fighters like Obbo Jawar a lot is being excavated from the archives of history. So do you deny that?

  4. የመሐመድ ፡ ጁዋር ፡ የሰንዘሮ ፡ አብዮት ፡ ሰኞ ፡ ተወልዶ ፡ አርብ ፡ ነው ፡ የሞተው ፡

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