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AU Horn of Africa envoy says leaders in Addis, Mekelle individually agree crisis “require political solution through dialogue”

November 08/2021

In a speech, seen by Addis Standard, and delivered to the African Union (AU) Peace and Security Council (PSC) emergency session held today in Addis Abeba, AU High-Representative for the Horn of Africa and former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo said “leaders here in [Addis Abeba] and in the north agree individually that the differences opposing them are political and require political solution through dialogue .”

This, he said, “constitutes a window of opportunity that we can collectively tap into to assist the people of Ethiopia find lasting solution to the ongoing crisis.” However, he cautioned that “the window of opportunity we have is very little and that time is paramount for any intervention in this regard.”

“Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed agreed that I pay a visit to Mekelle to meet his adversaries.”

Olusegun Obasanjo

AU’s HoA envoy also said he has “met with the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, the President of Ethiopia and the President of Oromia and had meaningful discussions with them on the ongoing escalation with reflections on how to de-escalate tension to pave the way for dialogue.”

As to his trip to Mekelle on November 08, Mr Obasanjo told the PSC members that “Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed agreed that I pay a visit to Mekelle to meet his adversaries.”

“The ongoing conflict situation continues to have severe humanitarian consequences on the population, with huge impact on socio-economic development and stability. The time is now for collective actions in finding lasting solution to avoid further escalation of the situation which may have direct effect on the strategic Horn of Africa region as a whole” the envoy warned.

He urged the Peace and Security Council to consider the following:

i. Strongly urge and encourage the Federal Government of Ethiopia and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) to engage in political dialogue without any preconditions;
ii. Call for an immediate and unconditional comprehensive ceasefire and cessation of hostilities by all parties;
iii. Call for immediate and unhindered humanitarian access;
iv. Call on the parties to ensure respect and compliance with international humanitarian and human rights laws;
v. Call for an immediate commencement of an all-inclusive nationwide dialogue and reconciliation.
vi. Call on the international community to rally behind the AU-led process in order to ensure coherence and unity of purpose for our peacemaking efforts.


2 thoughts on “AU Horn of Africa envoy says leaders in Addis, Mekelle individually agree crisis “require political solution through dialogue””

  1. So AU envoy Obasanjo and UN Under-Sec pay a visit to Tplf leaders and Addis Standard saw the speech before anyone did? We are talking about the pro-Tplf Addis Standard (of Lucy Kassa, Zacharias Zelalem, and Tsedale Lemma)! And the speech spelt out “no preconditions” and “immediate commencement of an all-inclusive nationwide dialogue and reconciliation?”

    What’s in it for Ethiopia? Other than the fact that Addis Standard/Tplf’s wishes to return to power is fulfilled in one stroke! And Ethiopia’s duty is simply to accept the pronouncement without delay? What about the fact that Ethiopians have made a clear and uncompromising statement in the June 2021 election? That is, overwhelmingly vote for Abiy/PP and totally reject Tplf? Do you mean to say the votes could be overturned to accommodate US/Tplf interests? We thought we were past overturning people’s votes!

    What kind of peace and reconciliation are we talking about here? We may be dumb but not stupid!

  2. Good for Addis Standard to report the full speech of the AU envoy Brother Obasanjo after he talked to both Debre and Abiy. The envoy has done his job as assigned by the AU. His suggestions have juice in them. If the steps in his remarks are carried out there could be an end to this stupidly senseless bloody and so destructive conflict. Let’s not jump up and down in frenzy at the sounds of laloye, zerraaf and gerersaas here from our comfy homes. There are millions uprooted from homes they had lived for generations and are starving in the searing sun and frigid cold nights. It is not funny. Okay! Not amusing at all! Hey Debre! Hey Abiy! Gain back your Allah bestowed senses and stop it! Debre, stop behaving anarchist! Abiy, stop this ‘I can do it all’ stuff! For those who suffered enough sake, both of you just stifle! Your fellow citizens do not need someone to bring war and destruction to them. They need you two to bring the means for them where they will be able to bring the dough home in a stable and peaceful environment. They do not need AK’46’s. They need you to hand them hammer, picks and axes so they can turn that country upside down industrially. For Heaven’s sake please stop it!!! Remember you are still brothers. You are just estranged from each other for now. Please, please, please stop it!!!!

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