Atrocious Torture and Inhuman Treatment in Ethiopia… (Part 1 to 4 – Video)

Severe Atrocious Torture and Inhuman Treatment in Ethiopia is continuing on innocent human kind.
This Video (with four parts) is a testimony of a person who was detained and tortured by the tyrannical regime in Ethiopia. He was government employee worker, and continuously detained and in three prison centers taken out from his room by government Federal security police at night without any legal letter. He was detained almost for 2 years and just simply released from prison without presenting him to the court.

His father who was a teacher was also killed by Ethiopian Federalsecurity police at school some years back. This young man was arbitrarily detained with suspect as he is against government and may be terrorist. His only mother had no information where he is and was searching him for the last two years over the country.

Just listen from the witnessed young men here attached. Follow all the four part of the Vidio. Very historical.

May I am also a terrorist because i am writing this article too?????

You peoples who you are calling your self an Ethiopian,who so Ethiopia?????? Where is your Voice for Brutally tortured innocent peoples??? Is being an Ethiopian is golden without peoples freedom of life???

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