Artist Abebe Teka allowed to see his kids

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Admas News: Today , at 12am Abebe Teka appeared in a court in DC. He was accused by his wife Claiming he abused her and their children. According to our sources in DC, the Judge didn’t accept the accusation. So the case is dismissed and he is now allowed to see his children.
More information coming soon.
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  1. Glory be to God! Reading his story yesterday really touched my heart. So happy for you Abe.
    No matter how long lie sustain truth always prevail. Be strong brother and keep trusting God.
    God bless you and your family.

  2. Hi abe i really happy to hear this. things happened for reason. Pray to god, be strong. May God bless you & your family

  3. CONGRATULATION. Truth always win!! Enjoy every seconds with ur kids. This is ur golden time. May God the almighty be with u & ur kids.

  4. My brother I am so happy you got a visitaion right to your kids. I also would like to comment there are many Ethiopian women who abuse US law just for vindication because of jelousy or ill advice of a family , and a friend. I can vivdly see his inocence in his eyes while talking to his friends. I can see he is God fearing from his words , and voice tone. I advice Ethiopian women to live by the rule of law the countries they live rather than making preposterous allegation towards men. I do also belive that there are many bad men who cheat, abuse their women.

  5. Betame tiru wesanya……
    ebakachu enatocheme hone abatoche benante alemgebabate be mhale lejochu megodate yeleabchewme..belela nger batesemamu ena abrachu batenoru enkwane lejochune bemengager masadge enji lejochune ende megodaja batetekemu tiru new …ye mewyayet bahele adabru…..enkwane be swe hager be hagreme laye ye enate abte fikre be ekule megarate alebachew…

  6. phrase to God happy for you abe . you have a pure heart that’s why God helped you stop music now and read bible God has a big plan for you

  7. amena tarekehn anbebe lefeker yalehen akeberot selaleh amerka sethed antem eswaga lemedres lesr medaregehen saye azeku kezam bekum neger tesaserachehu legoch selewldachehu esyew byalehu neger gen yehen kefu sesema betam new yazenkut honom sew abero senor benurwo mekakel megachet ale yehe ayasedenkem balebeteh yemgedl mukera aregbegne new sanebew lemen kehons yehe yefetral mewadedachehu yehuletachehum kehon yehen men ametaw derom telah amerika yegbachew satefeleg kewhonena yant mewded keswa belay ayelo eswan lemaget msewateneth asgeddoa tkehon yagebacheh westu feker yemeyasgne ayemeslgnem bALEHON GEZE EYFENDA YATALCHuhal YA endyenor kuch belachehu bewyeyt meftat alebachehu mekenyatum yewldachuachew benant metalat megodat yelbahhum anetem gulebetgna temketegna geteram bezh zemen lenorebeh ayegbam anchem tenagare besotegna aleflgehem yemeteyi mehon yelebeshem mekom alebet enant tesasebachehu yewldachuchew des bloachew endyadgu yenant abero metsaseb yeged yelal fekerachehu yeketl kesum yekum adera feker yetnker dabelos gedl yegba

  8. Mist le balua zewd yehonechiw le Solomon (300 mist) bicha new, metsehf kidus wist yalut mistoch hulum ke adam – eske dawit mist tarikache metfo new. Abebe Amelkat ende Taot honabih nebr E/biher new yalyayh, le set lij yihen yahil bota belibh mestet ayigebam. silezih be miste libe yarfal bile atasib.

  9. I am sorry Abebe Teka it’s happen to you Bro. It’s happen on me too
    I fill you morthan any body yiles ,but you are artist that’s way ppl’s a make it a big deal.
    So take it eze that’s okay. Be a good dad don’t
    Give up there is some sick ppl around us any how.
    God beless you.

  10. “B’ FIKRE NURU” John 15:9.
    Abe I was deeply touch by your situation. I am happy God has delivered the verdict through the judge. I can not believe we are in the world where people betray their lovers (soulmates) — or call it their body part. As the title goes no one lives by the love of somebody because it doesnot last long, but by the love of God which is eternal.
    As a brother, I will say one word. You should keep your heart and love to your kids and embarass the evil that wanted the kids to loose the grace that God has given to them. It is nothing else. No matter what the background of the disagreement, kids should never be punished for the sins of the parents.
    We the people can make a difference in our lives when we love each other. Betryal is from the evil. “MELEYETIN YEMIWOD SEYTAN BICHA NAW”.
    Pray for your ex-wife to come to her sense and learn her life time is less that seconds compared to the life of the creatures and she shall live by the love of GOD (B’Fikre Nuru endale).

  11. God is always good.
    Abe I am so sorry to hear that happen to u but it is all for reason & u know God loves u so much it is all for reason & good thing to bring.
    embrace the bad sprit which accuses u & trying to make miss understanding in your family, May god send his Holy spirit for u & all your family as a source of Love & Joy.
    Please pray for her & all the Habesha Ethiopian or Eirtrean women whom they interpret American low as a wrong advantage & use it as bad spirit instrument.
    read your Bible & pray every day; Romans 14:10–

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