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Are You Ethiopian First or Amhara First?

Are You Ethiopian First or Amhara First?

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  1. This question is for those who are in an identity crises…not for me as an ethiopian!! as an ethiopian i destroy all form of criminals against Ethiopians.

    • we who living in diaspora have changed our citizenship but we can not change our identity being amara or oromo, before the formation of ethiopia people existed i.e oromos , amaras tigire etc existed before the formation of this stupid empire, so amara 1st is correct , oromo 1st is right, tigire 1st is ok. The problem with ethio poletics is that some people forget that the empire is a collection of nations.

  2. Are you Ethiopian or African first?
    How do you answer this question? If your answer is correct, then you would say you are Amhara first then Ethiopian.

    I am Amhara first!

    Believe it or not this kind of question is only hard to answer for Amhara. If you would ask a Tigre or an Oromo, they would say they are Tigre or Oromo first than Ethiopian.

    • I come from at least 2 ethnic back ground for more than two generations. I bet majority Ethiopians belong to that group if all of us give a thought! What happens if I claim one group and my other relatives claim other ethnicity? I am Ethiopian first because it is the common denominator! What else can I can be then?
      I grew up abandoning my ‘Amharaness’ and accepted Ethiopian identity. It is our common name for all to live and share our land together.
      The main issue I have with this labeling is “What do we want to achieve? New territory? Freedom? Be big fish in a small pond? I don’t get it!

      • The common denominator for Amhara is Amhara : the common denominator for an Amhara, an Oromo, and for a Tigre is Ethiopia. Now, the question was asked for an Amhara only, not anybody else, whether he feels he is Amhara first or Ethiopian first. If you are not Amhara, then the question is not for you. Simple.

        You’ve asked, “what do we want to achieve? New territory, freedom?” Well, we want all of what you’ve mentioned except new territory plus survival. We need to get back our lands – from Welkait to Metekle, we want to get back our identity -Welkaities and Raya are Amhara not Tigrea, and above all we want the ethnic cleansing and genocide on Amhara to stop.

        When you took our land, kicked us out of Gurraferda you told us “You Amhara go to your country, this is not your land” and when you killed us in Arbagugu, Bedenno,… you organize yourself and shouted, “kill Amhara!”

        Yes, I am Amhara first!

  3. Ethnocentrism should first be abolished; which, in Ethiopia’s case, appear next to impossibility. The renowned Ethiopian journalist Eskender Nega has underlined this perennial problem. So far, no one group has succeeded in bringing down the ethnocentric thugs that are in power in Ethiopia. The minuscule success that shook the very core of the TPLF, achieved recently, has immediately witnessed people scurrying to their respective camps of regionalist chauvinism to the dismay and embarrassment of many. Ethnocentrism is a political weapon used in the struggle for power in many developing countries including Ethiopia; and those who invest on it are power seekers. Likewise, politics is prostitution no matter how sweet a word one uses to protect ones ethnicity.

  4. first of all Amhara first or Ethiopia first both of this idea is shollow poletical knowledge or idea. remember Hitler started saying German first
    Why we don’t focus to get free from fascist TPLF. The people of Ethiopia is fighting for existence we need organization that recognizes Ethiopia for all except the fascist TPLF. WE have common enemy we have to fight and get rid of TPLF.
    for me it doesn’t matter weather you are from North or south East or West
    we have TPLF fascist who sold as to the west and and wants slave as for the next 40 years.
    Think if we are pushing this kind of idea like Ethiopia First or Amhara first
    it helps TPLF to stay in power. we need to organized as freedom fighters against TPLF every where in Ethiopia that is enough. As I said we should be united to fight one common enemy

  5. ከአሪ ፡ እና ፡ ከተቅማጥ ፡ ለመብላት ፡ አንዱን ፡ ምርጥ አንደ ፡ ማለት ፡ ነው።

  6. very simpel if you live in ethiopia you say i am amhara if you live abroad , out of ethiopia you say i am ethiopian

    girma yirgu

  7. The question itself is irrelevant and immature!. it is like asking… do you prefer your liver or your heart? I can not live without my liver or without my heart, I need both.

    We Amharas do not choose one way or the other, our struggle is not about choosing one from the other. In ideal world every ethnic is equal, every citizen is equal under the law, but the situation forced us to defend ourselves.

    Amhara people have been abused for decades, have been used as escape got for all the sins under the sun, kicked out of their villages, deported, discriminated, insulted, other ethnics ganged up on Amharas.

    What chose we are left with? half of north Gondar, west Gojjam, north Wello have been annexed and shared among Tigray Benishangul and Sudan. Are we waiting for another Bedeno? Arbagugu?

    Our struggle is clear, it is not about independent, we are not asking for separate constitution or a different flag, we are not demanding special treatment… Why is it difficult to understand for ESAT crew and G7??????

  8. I wonder why Amhara claims God created them just to pretend Ethiopian saver
    Amhara prefer to claim themselves as Ethiopian rather than Amhara, because this is the only tactic Amhara pretend and mislead others and just to preserve the privilege they had for many decades

  9. Is a rectangle a square? Any one with the right mind with little sense of length and width will not raise such question . So the question itself is flowed. Those who will ask such question either have distorted knowldge of their history or are paid agents who are knowingly Trying to wedge division to carry out the unfinished business of their Arab and European masters who are restless because Woyne faild to deliver their wish.

    A Square is a rectangle but a rectangle is not a square. If we assemble blocks of imperfect Squares(Rectangles) to make a perfect Square can we ignore the fact and claim the indvidual rectangle building block ta square . An Amhara , Oromo, Tigre, Guragie, Agewu, Afar, Somalie, Dinka, Nure, Arrsi, Gammo, Kunam, Harreri, Gumuze etc, are the imperfect rectangle building blocks to form the perfect Square.which is our Ethiopiawinet.Raising a question to compare a subset with a set is pure ignorance
    The way I see it instead of preaching what divides us sipping history from the poisend fauntains of the Ottomans, the Europeans and the Arebs, let us try to embrace our unique proud history and learn from our ancesstors , with all their imperfection who assembled together and form that perfect union and defended their Ethipiawinet.
    And here we are in 21st century, where globalization is immenant and where such narrow minded backward tribalism is a thing of the past, knowing well the Chinese, the Arebs, the Indians and the Turks are displacing our people and making our country their backyard , instead of working together to safegurd our union to protect our peopla as one, we are playing the cards of EPLF & TPLF. If that child of Banda dead PM sees this quetion from his grave, he will be laughing at us with joy on what we have beecome as a people. Wake up people!!

    For me,, I support the right of the Amharas to organize themselves and defend their survival from the current TPLF & EPLF evil systemic genocide but weather we are Amhara, oromo, tigre , afar……….etc, the broder responsiblity is to preserve the proud identity what makes us whole. Our Ethiopiawinet. Under one Flag of Green-yellow-red, Anything Else is Yebanda Flag.
    Even Lucie, from millions of years is considered Ethiopian.

    Does any one know Who comes first, the chiken or the egg.?

  10. I am from Raya -Na-Kobo I left Raya-na-kobo in 1976/1984 I was 17 years old thanks to our tyrant leader Mengistu H.
    That is before the colonization of indigenous or native Rayans by woyane tigreans the reason they made it kilil 1 is because they need that land but not the people just the way they did in Gojam, Gonder and Afar even 1000 miles away Gambela they are just black Italians.The Rayans are Rayans not tigreans, I would like to tell you how many languages are spoken in Raya-na-kobo, Amharic, tigregna, Oromifa, Afar and agew also the Raya tigregna and Tigray tigregna are not the same sometimes a translator is required. In general I am the outcome of all tribes mentioned above and I never asked my family which tribe I came from except being and saying I am an Ethiopian . Just keep in mind there are millions share my identity whatsoever, no one will take away their ethiopiansim.
    Ethiopia lezelalem tekbra tenur!

    • at, you spoke my mind too. I am from that place as well. I feel as if I wrote your comment, because when I was reading it I was feeling like I was saying it as my thoughts. Does it mean the ‘Rayans’ mode of thinking is the same or similar? It is so wonderful. I cannot say anything more. God bless you my compatriot. we may know each other by the way since I was there in the time you mentioned. plz lets keep in touch bro. This is my address, mz23602@gmail.com

  11. How many of us really understand what
    we are writting except trying to inject own way of thinking and reject others way of thinking.let me give an example, I am man,can be white,black,red,yellow but no other colour.blackness differrentiate me from other colours so that I am African.come next nations ,nationalty or country.many of you cannot tell or willing to tell since when the name Ethiopia officially used as a name of a country?call me Seitan or in what ever name you want,only After second world war.now Amhara 1st Or Ethiopia 1st or Oromo 1st ,Tigray 1st or Ethiopia 1st?the question is not about egoistic and sickness only “me”,”me”but about who you are in identity.The political manipulation of the name Ethiopia as a weapon to dominate and exploit others must be stopped.Ethiopia 1st that sang
    in Amhara tone,Ethiopia 1st singing in Tigray tone OrAbyssinian tone is no more tasteful.It time to change the tone of the music.lets be realstic to confront the real problem rather than fabricating fake and unrealstic dreams.

  12. Aye woyane!!!!! ye woyane meseri strategy endi jile eyaderegen new, bequmachine erasachinin eyakatelin new.

    leman tirfe endigegn, aye telalanet!

    Yetarik atelochi, honenal, masebe ena magenazeb yetesaneni tiwulidochi

    Yechi ager ekow sinti Jeginochi demachewun afisewulatal, sintu motolatal. Ere tewu.

    Our beloved Mother Ethiopia is so deep, so great, so dear!!!!

    Andiye yediresiline!!!

  13. The Amhara culture is responsible for all the illusion hitherto. konjit sitotaw (by the way you sound the talking Dummy EPRP which should be held responsible for perpetual misery in Ethiopia) while you are one of the most illusion mongers you are blaming someone for it. In this article nobody understands the message you are trying to convey or monger,you wrote as if everybody is a member of the Meshata Bet you belong to.The way you are writing is a crooked language which is derived from the Amhara culture. how do you think sane people can communicate in such abnormal way of communication which in fact is an illusion.I am not opposing the geeze derivative Amharic as a medium of communication but the intrinsic unproductive culture disguised in the language which have been in use for many yeas in Ethiopia. This cursed culture is responsible for the epidemic of Tacoma,leprosy,elephantiasis and similar diseases that have originated in the Amhara region and spread all over Ethiopia over the years.These could have been averted by simply keeping basic hygiene but the crook culture will not allow this because it does not trust anything. Konjit your party EPRP is extincting every fire of revolution every time it is ignited, EPRP is the pioneer and deliberate extra to spread a sinister propaganda against the freedom fighters.The rest of the beast,the so called opposition,wastes no minute to fellow suite to the EPRP culture of illusion.The master and leader of illusion is always EPRP.Always discouraging individuals who contribute to the struggle for freedom.A typical example is condemning Professor Mesfin woldemariam and Major Dawit as CIA agents. Can you prove it.Yes Major Dawit was once a derg member but he quit the system before many years and he is fighting for the most part of his life for the freedom of his country.There is always a change and everyone should embrace a change for good a positive change like Major Dawit. Another example is Ambasador Kassa Kebede He has a valuable experience in the field of diplomacy.What is wrong if such people contribute in the area of their expertise.EPRP,opposes under any circumstances if person changes his stand for the good of the revolution. If that person was an enemy 50 years ago he is an enemy despite a fundamental change.In this way how can we encourage people to join the revolutionary camp.There is no individual or political party which can be exempted from the EPRP list of hate.By ignoring the professional people in the field no one can expect an effective and objective diplomacy contributions from a group such as EPRP which have spent most of their effort and time in a trivial gossip mongering projects. For years,EPRP’s propaganda has remained ineffective to the listener but passionate to the speaker only, with out even turning a single small stone to stumble the enemy of the people.The propaganda is neither accompanied by action nor based on scientific argument or logic but a ‘menderwere’ decorated by wasted literature.


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