Are there ONLY 169 Ethiopians around the world to help Hamtamu Ayalew?

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by Kirubel Bekele
Selam all,

habtamu ayalew
It has been about 6 days since the “Habtamu Ayalew Medical Fund” is launched. So far ONLY 169 Ethiopians have donated $13, 200. They gave whatever they can. . There are well over 1.5 million Ethiopians in the Diaspora. We couldn’t even find one thousand patriotic Ethiopians to donate. This is a little embarrassing. We know 50 TPLF supporters raised $50,000 in an hour in Seattle while TPLF was in Dedebit Desert. It is the same story with Shabia Supporters. 
This number, 169, says a lot about us. If we were as much determined as our enemy is, only $1 would have been more than enough for each Ethiopian to donate. That is why they say, there is power in numbers. There are about 8000 or more people in this email distribution list . If each person donates at least $10, it will be $80,000. This is the same chronic problem we are experiencing when trying to raise money for justice and democracy in Ethiopia. 
The opposition media as well as the political organizations have serious financial problems negatively affecting their performance. Unless this cancerous problem is solved, the struggle to bring justice and democracy in Ethiopia is going to take longer and longer. Having truth and justice on your side is not enough to win. You need money to finance it and  to push the struggle forward. 
Please click here to donate to Habtamu Ayalew if you didn’t.And pass it to friends and family as well.
Remember, 50 TPLF supporters raised $50,000 in one hour. 
Read Aloud:   Ethiopia: BBN Daily News November 9, 2017


  1. You better create pay pal link. Most people would be comfortable to donate if you had that link.

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