Arbegnoch Ginbot 7 Daily News January 18, 2017

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Ethiopia: Arbegnoch Ginbot 7 Daily News January 18, 2017

Read Aloud:   Nibeya Tesfaye, 24, of Woodbridge killed in motorcycle crash


  1. getachew,
    You must be one of the TPLF POOP eating prostitute slave.  You should be thankful that patriotic ginbot 7 warriors have not completely destroyed your masters.  As a proud SLAVE you won’t know how to exist without your masters.  My advise for you is work very hard in order to emancipate yourself from Slavery since your masters will be wiped out from the face of earth very very soon.  You have a very limited time to work on your emancipation so work feverishly and efficiently.
    As for the patriotic ginbot 7 program, it is a great one, very informative and motivational.  So, keep it coming and thanks to the Habesha website for hosting it.  This program is giving TPLF supporters a heart attack and stroke.  As the host of the program said, the key is to destroy the wealth of TPLF led government and its supporters by not patronizing TPLF owned companies, not paying tax etc. No wealth means no weapon to kill innocent Ethiopians, no prison, no money to bribe/brainwash the weak/selfish and gullible, no money for propaganda machine which is used buy lobbyist all over the globe in to attract tourist, investors and foreign aid.  

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