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Arbegnoch Ginbot 7 Daily Ethiopian News February 24, 2017

Arbegnoch Ginbot 7 Daily Ethiopian News February 24, 2017

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  1. Ethiopia under Italian fascist occupation from 1935-1941 is the same as under the TPLF fascist occupation from 1991-present. Our forefathers and foremothers failed to appropriately honor our freedom fighters during the time of Italian occupation. Abraha Deboch and Moges Asgedom are Ethiopian heroes for risking their lives by attempting the kill the ruler/oppressor/enslaver of Ethiopia, General Graziani, using multiple grenades. Another hero is Zerai Deres.
    “On May 21, 1937, in Rome, Italy was celebrating its fourth anniversary of the proclamation of the Italian Empire. The celebratory parade was attended by Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini and King Victor Emmanuel III. Thousands of soldiers from Italy’s African colonies marched during the parade. Among them was a young Eritrean man named Zerai Deres. He was carrying the sword to salute the King, the Führer, and Il Duce, at the grandstand. As the parade marched past the Vittorio Emanuele, he saw Lion of Judah Monument. That Monument was taken from Ethiopia by the Italians as a war booty. Zerai’s shock was too great for him, and he drew his sword and with it he slew five fascist guards,[1] as well as wounding others, before he was killed[2] on the spot in a hail of gunshots.”[
    Were the families of these heroes rewarded for their brave action? Answer is no. Start today we should be doing a lot more in order to reward, recognize our heroes and brave warriors. It will lead to more of them. We are in severe need of more brave warriors, haven’t we? YES INDEED. Moreover, the above three heroes hail from Eritrea but are Ethiopians most famous heroes. Since the difference between Ethiopians and eritreans is so miniscule and similarity is close to 100%, there is no way on earth the two people can’t unite in the future. The same applies to our other brothers and sisters in Sudan, Somalia, South Sudan, Djibouti. The missing ingredient is a DEMOCRATIC AND FREE GOVERNMENT IN ETHIOPIA.
    Regarding our patriotic Ginbot 7 soldiers. They are freedom fighter fighting for the interest of not only Ethiopians but also the people of horn of Africa. They are our best and our heroes. In order to maintain their sanity, moral, health, energy and fighting spirit, the leaders of ginbot 7 ought to give each soldier about 1 month break for REST and RELAXATION. During rest and relaxation the goal is chills and do whatever makes the soldier happy. Rest and Relaxation place should have entertainers, computers, videos/movies and other cool staff all for our heroes. I recommend the place to be in one of the resort places in Massawa beach.
    Lastly, we all patriotic Ethiopians should pledge that any patriotic ginbot 7 soldier who serves in the battle field for 1year or more should be awarded at least 1 million birr as soon as the new democratic government, under the leadership of ginbot 7, takes power. In addition to the at least 1 million birr bonus every soldier’s family, kids and spouse, and soldier will get free education at the choice of their school (private or public) starting from elementary school all the way to 4 year of college/trade/professional school. This is the least we owe our best and finest patriotic ginbot 7 and other fighters sacrificing on a daily basis in order to bring about a free, democratic and united Ethiopia that will serve the interest of all ethnic groups equally. Also, letting all fighters and potential fighter know ahead of time and from the get go their future benefits and entitlement, may serve as a great new soldier recruiting tool considering under TPLF economy over 50% of Ethiopians are unemployed, over 30% are homeless, over 60% are chronically hungry, over 50% are beggars and over 20% are severely starved/hungry.
    Lastly, I am recommending for ESAT or other respectable and honest groups with deep connection to Ethiopia to start a warrior family fund. This fund will be used to help warrior’s family if they fall into hard time economically whenever a family member who may have been the bread winner of the family joins any of the Ethiopian freedom fighter groups. Also, the fund can be used to help a warrior that is captured by the enemy who many need the money for basic necessities or release from jail.

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