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Arbegnoch Ginbot 7: A Message to All Ethiopian People


  1. We are fed up of such type of report. May be the beginning of the end of ‘Zehabesha’ and ‘Esat’ is nearing. The reason is the Ethiopian people just want peace as the so called opposition and activists are inciting tribalism lines and hate. Death for opposition, activists and EPRDF!!!! The cancer of the people of Ethiopia.

  2. I second Irikihun except the wish of death for all protagonists. Opposing ideas should be allowed to flourish. The EPRDF and all the opposition should exist with their style of struggle amended from their present day stance dictated by violence. Our harmonious people do not need the preaching of hatred and violence among them. They are telling us all in clear clarion and unified voice that violent form of struggle is a no no. And they look at us all in contempt because some of us have chosen to march into the demon’s lair in Asmara to haul away tools of death and destruction. Peace, peace, peace yo’ll!!!!!!!

  3. Irkihum Yimer,
    The truth hurt, doesn’t it. You are not man enough to handle the truth. Everything the good professor said was right on the money. So, why are you whining like a little bitch. The only way ethiopian people will get peace is when the terrorist/dictator TPLF/EPDRF is completely destroyed and is replaced by non ethnic based democratic government which patriotic ginbot 7 is aspiring/aiming for. Last time I checked freedom/peace/democracy ain’t free.

  4. Aba Farda,
    I believe you reside in a fantacy world. TPLF/EPDRF is denying all opposition groups from freely residing in ethiopia; from fairly and squarely competing for power to represent the ethiopian people; from openly criticizing the current government via free/independent media without going to jail and tortured. When the TPLF/EPDRF lost an election in 2005, it not only took power by force but also killed in broad day light over 200 innocent people and forced the leaders of the opposition group, ginbot 7, to flee the country. Eversince, the last two elections, 2010 and 2015, were a horse and pony show designed to hoodwind the donor community that a democracy exists in ethiopia as the winner was known to all ethiopians months and years before the election. After exhausing all avenues of peace it is high time to try a different tactic, start kickng the ass of TPLF punks physically and destroying their wealth by any means necessary. The definition of insanity is trying the same thing again and again and expecting different result. The peaceful approach was tried again and again and again with negative result.

  5. Hi Truth!! Look like day dreaming. You think Ginbot 7 will defeat the despised regim in Ethiopia. Never, the struggle and the freedom comes from the people inside. The Ethiopia people will defeat the enemies inside and outsid with popular movement. Neither with the help of diaspora nor through social media. Both create confusion, disbelief and further split the united opposition front in Ethiopia. You people don’t advocate for dialogue but insult who ever is against you and tribal lines and act like a drunk man as you are responding to my comment in unceivilized manner. That is the core of the problem with the so called oppositions in asylum. God created two ears to enable you listen twice and a mouth to talk ones. You and your compatriates acting the other way shouting fron cafes opposing dialogue, peace and reconciliation among different national and nationalities. The truth is You will never be a solution because you demand others to litsen you. Change your attitude, change yourself and be part of the people inside the country.
    All the best the self appointed “elite opposition group”!!!

  6. Dear Truth:

    Chasing opposition groups or forcing them to flee the country is wrong and must be pushed back in the strongest terms possible. Any country strong both economically and politically was never built by a yes men only but rather by a consensus of opposing ideas. The environment is there in such countries where different ideas and political leanings are tolerated and common ground compromises are applauded(treasured). Now, I am equally opposed to this idea of running to Asmara to end up in the lair of another despot. If you are one of Isaias’ operatives, then you are talking to the wrong man here. I am a peaceful man and there is nothing you can do to change it. You will not believe the extent of contempt I have for those who rushed to Asmara, Cairo, Riyadh or Doha to pick up tools of death and destruction. Our people do not need that. If they do need such tools, I guarantee you that they would not need to travel that far to find it. Capeesh!!!

  7. The defacto objective of G7 seems to serve TPLF as a perpetual scapegoat for its uninterrupted crackdown on opposition groups in Ethiopia!
    No other performance measure can capture G7’s empty propaganda as it has failed utterly to deliver on its promises since its establishment! In fact, contrary to its stated and claimed objective, it efforts with determined tribalists and crate an amalgam with ethnic based orgs and became itself another covert ethnic organization by excellence!

    The political discourse it cultivates is conspicuously insult driven devoid of any unifying idea with corresponding strategies! Personal attack against whoever raises a question about its lack of measurable outcome, and even out put, seems its unique capability, as it heavily relies on less educated people with little, or no common sense, about the gravity of the challenges we face! So far, Woyane seems enjoying from G7’s operations, particularly in diaspora!

    May God give us the wisdom to all of us to scrutinize the claims of all self declared liberators and firmly stand with and support for the plight of our people, Amen!

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