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Applauding Ambassador Massinga: A Diplomat Unafraid to Stand Up for What’s Right in Ethiopia

July 10, 2024

Dr Aklog Birra

Abductions in Ethiopia are systemic: the government in power is accountable

I would like to commend US Ambassador to Ethiopia His Excellency Massinga for his courage and principled position. Ambassador Massinga said the following:

“Recent and Frequent kidnappings in Oromia and Amhara regions show how prolonged conflict emboldens criminals and weakens the rule of law. Abductions of civilians and students for financial gains must stop. Last week, over one hundred students and passengers were abducted for ransom.”

This is not the first time the American Ambassador expressed deep concern about the deepening state and non-stare sponsored upheaval in Ethiopia. He made a policy statement last March for which he was applauded and criticized by Ethiopians. His statement that abductions must be stopped is legitimate and powerful. In 2019, 17 college students were abducted. Thier whereabouts is still unknown.Last week, over one hundred civilians and university students were kidnapped near Gohatsion, in the Oromia regional state. They were traveling from the Amhara region to the capital Addis Ababa. The Ethiopian government or the Oromia regional state avoided remarking about the incident.

Who is involved in these recurring abductions? Who do we hold accountable?

Recurrence of kidnappings and other crimes show the failure of the government of Ethiopia to protect and defend civilians, including students.Here is my assessment of the incident and more with Hibre Radio this morning.

Dr Aklog Birra

US Ambassador Ervin Massinga Voices Concern Over Deteriorating Legal System Amid Student Abductions in Ethiopia



  1. The abduction is sponsored by Abiy and Shimelis Abdisa executed by OLF. The reason is it is one of the method to get money for Abiy projects

  2. Dr Aklog

    Please tell us about what diplomatic work you have done so far instead of telling us someone’s accomplishment. You and Dr. Yonas told us hundred times that you worked for World Bank which by the way is not anything to brag about because most Americans do not like to work for WB. But world bank is financing the criminals who are committing genocide in Addis. What did you do? Just telling us what other did. I do not think you have to because we follow current affairs. Thank you for listening if you really do listen.

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