Appeal all Ethiopians worldwide to support the petition drive launched by Eritrean communities worldwide.

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The Global petition
To sign petition, you can go directly to:
Why sign support and sign the petition? A strong and stable Eritrea is vital for Ethiopia and the stability and security of the Horn in strategic ways. They are as follows:
Unlike most countries in the Horn of Africa, including Ethiopia, Eritrea is the most stable, peaceful and secure country that has managed to keep the harmony and peaceful co-existence of its society that is multilingual and multiethnic with varied religions. In view of the proliferation of extremism and fundamentalism around the globe in general and Asia and Africa in particular, keeping at bay all forms of extremism, including religious extremism, and ethnic nationalism, Eritrea could be considered as a bulwark in the fight against all forms of radicalism and extremism we see around the world. With the strategically pivotal Red sea coastline that stretches for over 1000 KM, a strong and stable Eritrea is vital for the security and stability of the Horn of Africa.
b. Eritrea plays a very important role in the struggle of the Ethiopian people to attain their freedom, dignity and justice denied to them by the minority TPLF regime in Ethiopia. Not only it is logical, and rational, from the point of view of an enlightened interest of Ethiopia, it is also strategically wise to assist Eritreans in their all-around struggle against the wanton assault to subdue and weaken the Eritrean state and people by certain international forces that are aligned with the TPLF regime in Ethiopia.
c. In addition, such a partnership should be considered as one of the ways that contribute and create the ground work for the healthy, mutually beneficial strategic partnership in all spheres and realms of the two countries and generations of both Ethiopians and Eritreans in the years and decades to come. Whatever misgiving one may have about internal matters in Eritrea, most of the problems and challenges could be resolved when the menace and mortal threat posed by the minority TPLF regime ravaging the Horn in general and Eritrea in particular is no more.
Cognizant of these strategic imperatives stated above, we, call on all members and supporters of the Patriotic Ginbot 7 worldwide and all other patriotic Ethiopians who understand the implication of the sinister agenda against Eritrea to sign the online petition launched by Eritrean communities worldwide. This is one way that would enable the Eritrean communities worldwide and the Eritrean people in general to counter the deliberate and orchestrated attempt to weaken the state and people of Eritrea.
Please sign the online below as expression of concrete support for the people of Eritrea who are signing the petition and requesting for support in this campaign by all Ethiopians who see the danger in the nefarious attempt to weaken Eritrea.
The deadline is on June 6 and time is of the essence.
Thank you to all Ethiopians for signing. The struggle shall continue!!
Neamin Zeleke
Diplomacy, Advocacy, & Partnerships Department,
Patriotic Ginbot 7 Leadership
Click here to read the additional reasons for signing the petition and then sign it, please.

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  1. I support to this petition because of we are one people what I mean Ethiopia and Eritrea please stop separation we have a lot of history please don’t interfere us.

  2. We all know politics is dirty. No nation is immune from this syndrome. We also know Western countries have been telling us an index finger is better than the thumb. Using our cultural and language differences they have been supplying us with the firepower to kill and destroy our meager infrastructure for centuries. However, for the most part it is us to blame for the destruction of our land and its people. The situation in Eritrea is a self-inflicted wound; which will not heal until we change our rhetoric and start examining ourselves instead of playing the blame game for our ills. For the most part, Eritrea’s problem comes from its leadership. After 25 years of the so called independence they still beat the same drum and dance to the same tune as they have done in the bushes. Eritrean greatness can’t be measured by how high the flag flies. It can only be measured by the freedom the inhabitants enjoy within their country. Freedoms of press, religion, and political parties have been curtailed in Eritrea. Hundreds are making the perilous journey to escape the tyrant’s wrath and many have perished at sea and land.
    Mr. Neamin Zeleke has the nerves to ask Ethiopians and Eritreans alike to sign a petition to support the government in Eritrea. He ought to be out of his mind. A person with normally operating senses will not solicit support on behalf of despot government. However “ውሻ በበላበት ይጮሃል እንዲሉ” Mr. Zeleke ignored the suffering of the Eritrean people and aligned himself with the cruel regime without any remorse. Shame on him!
    Eritreans domestic and international image can only be enhanced through democratization from within and showing tangible changes for the world to see. I know for sure, many Eritreans are forced to sign this petition through coercion by the Eritrean embassy around the globe. I can see people residing in Eritrea being fearful of retribution and signing such documents simply to survive. How is it people that are living far away from their homeland will sign such a twisted petition against their will? The answer is for fear of retaliation on their loved one at home among other things the regime uses to intimidate oppositions. This is a government that imposes a 2% tax on its expatriates. That is the Eritrea you are asking us to sign a petition for the rest of the world to turn a blind eye? For sure, the global powers are doing harm by imposing stupid sanctions on Eritrea, but change must come from within to effect the outside world’s view of that beautiful land and its beloved people. Until that happens, no petition or appeal will get through the global powers to better the lives of the Eritrean people!

  3. What happened in Ethiopia in the last century is astounding. In the 1890s, Ethiopia lost Eritrea to Italian colonialism, brought Eritrea back via federation and unity in the 1950s and ‘60s and lost her again in the ‘90s. Suggestions that Eritrea had never been part of Ethiopia and federation and unity were cover-ups for annexation aside, the loss of Eritrea appears for good now.
    Even the diaspora opposition which lamented on Eritrean separation for decades has lately given up its historical and legal claims to part or all of the country in exchange for the backing of the Eritrean government in its efforts to destabilize Ethiopia. If not this, what else can explain the sudden shift of position held for decades? It appears good for the Eritrean government which finally succeeded to control the Ethiopian diaspora opposition and use it to achieve its objectives.
    What’s more astounding is most of the historical events that turned Ethiopia upside down took place in May. Italian and Eritrean askari occupation of Addis Abeba in 1936 and their eventual surrender to the British and Ethiopian forces in 1941 happened in May. In the first attempt to colonize Ethiopia in 1896, they were unable to get past Adwa. Ethiopians from coast to coast rose up and repelled the attack and finally defeated them which made the event an important part of African history in the fight against European and Eritrean colonialism. The role of Eritrea in these wars was ignored until recently not to give her prominence in history, but studies have started to emerge underscoring all aspect of her involvement.
    After decades of civil war, EPLF and TPLF took control of Eritrea and Ethiopia in May 1991. For a second time in fifty years, Eritreans entered Addis Abeba fully armed. Two years after in May, Eritrea declared her secession from Ethiopia, but her occupying army remained in Ethiopia – albeit illegally because there was no known express agreement of the Ethiopian government for its presence in the country- until 1996. She just celebrated her 25th year of secession today. We call it secession which some Eritreans call independence because we feel that they did not get freedom. Independence without freedom is simply changing a form of tyranny; the worst thing is only few Eritreans are talking about it, lest change it. Despite this glaring fact, the Ethiopian diaspora opposition portrays the Eritrean government in the best light whereas the media associated with the said opposition ignores the plight of Eritreans. A typical case where money muzzles.
    Five years later in May, border skirmishes between Ethiopia and Eritrea began in which accusations and counter – accusations were shredded in public. The skirmishes that raged for a while grew to a full blown war most of which was fought in May. Administrator of the regional state on the Ethiopian side during the war recently claimed that Eritrea’s plan was regime change in Ethiopia. The claim makes sense since the post 2005 election unrest might have signaled to Eritrea that starting war might embolden the disenchanted public to overthrow the government. The plan did not work; in fact, it rallied Ethiopians behind the government. If Eritrea had succeeded, army of our tiny neighbour to the north with a fraction of our population would have marched on Addis for a third time in six or seven decades; this time as king maker. The war came to an end in May 2000 after Ethiopia declared victory and sat to talk peace with Eritrea. Currently, the Ethio – Eritrea relation is wrongly described as no war – no peace situation; they are technically at war.
    The full impact of the two-year war on Ethiopia and Eritrea has not been assessed by a neutral body, but the damage each country claims to have suffered due to military action of the other has been presented by both countries to the Eritrea-Ethiopia Claims Commission. Each country supported its claims by extensive evidence which lends credence to what they presented to the Commission. The damage is huge. If you are interested in details, click here to see an extract from what the countries presented to the Commission. Given the extent to which they caused damage to each other, it is long overdue for the international community to put pressure on both countries to talk peace and settle outstanding problems.
    May is election month in Ethiopia with a history of post-election violence at least in 2005 in which hundreds of protesters were killed by law enforcement officers. The opposition reportedly made considerable gains in that election. Three years after in May, a self-exiled group of opposition leaders who were active during the 2005 election formed an organization in exile. It appears that Eritrea has cast her lot with this organization for a final attempt after her previous set back.
    Despite nine years in existence, the said organization has not made noticeable progress. A senior Derg official now in exile in the U.S. was heard advising the organization to wait (apparently from violence) until B. Obama is replaced by D. Trump. At first, it seemed the organization took his advise to heart, but it didn’t. A few days ago (in May), it claimed to have carried out an attack in the South of the country killing some soldiers. The Ethiopian government, on its part, counter-claimed that it has foiled an attack by Eritrean backed rebels without specifying if it is considering retaliatory action on Eritrea.
    The same week an ONLF leader vowed on Al Jazeera that his organization and other similar organizations are working hard for self-determination and it is bound to happen soon because “Ethiopia is boiling”. The guy refused to confirm that his organization has opted out of armed struggle when he said the organizations will bring down the government using demonstrations throughout the country. He impliedly suggested that ONLF has run out of steam leaving us to speculate that the organization can no more carry out its hit-and-run attacks. Five organizations based in Eritrea which includes ONLF have also formed a joint front for self-determination. Four organizations in the U.S. claiming trobe successors of OLF also reportedly agreed to work for self-determination. Their stated mode of struggle is peaceful but not necessarily legal. Most Ethiopians belive that self-determination is a code word for secession.
    Still, the diaspora opposition is divided between the forces that work for self-determination and the forces that claim to be working for democracy and unity. The latter are further divided into three groups: groups that support peaceful struggle without endorsing armed violence, groups that support peaceful struggle without opposing armed violence and groups that support armed violence. Since the “democracy and unity” camp has failed to bring the self-determination camp into the fold, the group which does not oppose armed violence and the group which commits itself to armed violence are definitely feeding the objectives of the self-determination camp.
    The worst thing is, as it is clear from recent statements, the self-determination camp has dessisted itself from armed violence apparently because it is not in its best interest to attack the bulwork of its existence as ethno – nationalist. This leaves the footwork to the “democracy and unity” groups. One might arguably say what TPLF allegedly did for EPLF regarding Eritrea is to likely to repeat itself via the armed and violent diaspora opposition in relation to ONLF and OLF. That will let Ogaden, Oromia and a couple more regions to leave the federation. So why blame TPLF for Eritrea’s separation? There is nothing worse than armed political violence now or ever in Ethiopia; for those who want democracy and unity, no matter how long it takes and the degree of complexity of the political situation, the way to go is legal and peaceful struggle backed by elections.
    On a different note, things might work for Eritrea which pretends that it has no part in what’s going on in Ethiopia if armed political violence begins in earnest. Given these facts, we don’t know what will happen if D. Trump wins the up-coming election. Tough time might set in for Ethiopia as well as for Eritrea, but who can say what D. Trump would do? Back in history, Republicans were good for Ethiopia and might instruct Ethiopian-Americans to stop screwing up a country they have abandoned for the U.S. If Mrs. H. Clinton wins, it might be a continuation of the status quo or even better. Whichever it is, we hope Ethiopia will be ready for the engagement.
    You might wonder why so much happened in Ethiopia in May in the last several decades and is still happening. My observation is that May might be Ethiopia’s make or break month. Until now, it’s mostly a break month. Would the future be different? I can’t say. Call me superstitious, but I feel that, in May, important occurrences line up more than a statistical probability to be considered a coincidence. There is more to it.

  4. The world community should understand the ethiopian people crying and currently we ethiopian are in torture by tplf and so at this time eretrian and the governoror of eretrea is our land to fight against tplf to down to the ground to the freedom of ethiopian people.and therefore world community should stop tuching eretria

  5. Is this man mocking me and millions others? You see..that is what Al-Toweel does to you if you ask him for any assistance. Just ask the old folks of EPRP and others like them. What petition? Eritrean are very resourceful and studious people. They are very capable to handle their own internal affairs without an iota of external help. They should be left alone to sort it out on their own and they should leave us alone so we can solve our own issues. And this man, he should be ashamed of himself to stoop down so low to one of the worst demonic figures that ever crawled out of the Horn of Africa. Wow, wow, wow!!!!!

  6. This show the bankrupted G7 leaders become shibiya spoke people . Eritrea bring all this thing by them selves . Why they want other Ethiopians to save thier dirty game? They never sleep for second to distablize and distroy Ethiopia, any Ethiopian who sign the petition is he sold his. Country . Neamen zeleke of G7 he is a real Banda for shibiya and Egypt

  7. Eritreas future is doomed without Ethiopia
    Forget useless,powerless and economically gridlocked hopeless Eritrea. Eritrea will always be economically dependent on Ethiopia. If you desire to keep Eritrea poor and destroy Eritrea then perpetuate and intensify the present economic sanction on Eritrea, and indirectly force Eritreas mass toward isolation and narrow nationalism.

  8. Isn’t it a joke ??
    Neamin Zeleke, says he stands for Democracy for the people of Ethiopia and at the same time he is trying to help Dictator Isseyas to stay in power. people. Don’t you know that the UN Human Rights Report on Eritrea is compiled by the Justice seeker Eritreans leaving abroad not by Weyane ?? If you cannot understand this basic point ,I am very sorry to say ” Leaders like you cannot bring democracy to Ethiopia.
    You need to Focus only on Ethiopia ,if the Ethiopians people believe on you.
    Please refrain from creating a friction between Eritreans and Ethiopians !!
    You are crossing the RED Line !!
    Stay away from Eritrea !! It is non of your business.

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