Appeal against the torture of Legesse Woldehana ; the PR of All Ethiopian Unity Organization, MEAD 

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Subject:- Appeal against the torture of Legesse Woldehana ; the PR of All Ethiopian Unity Organization, MEAD
Dear Sir/Madam,

We wish to appeal to you on behalf of Legesse Woldehana, who is the subject of our deepest concern. Legesse Woldehana is illegally arrested and tortured by Ethiopia dictator regime. We are gravely concerned to receive reports of the illegal arrests of Legesse Woldehan, the public relation (PR) of the legally elected leadership of All Ethiopian Unity Organization (MEAD); on March 15/ 2017. We are particularly concerned that Legesse Woldehana (as the PR of MEAD) was so active in sharing information to defend the legal and peaceful leaderships, members and supports of MEAD as well as other Ethiopians; when they are jailed and harassed.

We have received report that Legesse Woldehana is now severely tortured and treated inhumanly. We seek your assurances that Legesse Woldehana (PR of MEAD), Zemene Gete (executive member of MEAD) as well as other detainees of MEAD party be treated fairly and humanely in accordance with international humanitarian and human rights law.

As you know All Ethiopian Unity Organization (MEAD) is one of the leading and oldest opposition political party registered in Ethiopia that promotes peaceful struggle in the nation. Legesse Woldehana is serving MEAD as the PR and became the key voice of all Ethiopians ; irrespective of the dictator government’s anti-freedom of expression measures. To make the issue very clear for your esteemed office, we want to share you some facts about the legally elected leadership of MEAD; that Legesse Woldehana was serving as a PR.

1. All Ethiopian Unity Organization (MEAD) has 483 general assembly members in different parts of Ethiopia. MEAD is a pan-Ethiopian party. with no bias to region, religion or origin of Ethiopians.
2. The General Assembly met November 8-10/2014 (Tiqimt 28-20, 2007 EC) in the Presence of Engineer Hailu Shawel (the founder and previous president of MEAD) and other dignitaries and officers. Of the 483 MEAD representative 477 members elected its Executive Committee including President Mamushet Amare (November 10, 2014). The Ethiopian Election committee representatives were present during the first day of the meeting.
3. Ato Abebaw had submitted a letter indicating that he does not want to be considered for election to the MEAD Executive Committee, and the letter was unanimously accepted by the assembly.
4. Yet, the Election Board had refused to respect the election of MEAD Executive Committee by the MEAD General Assembly, and required that it reconvene on January 11, 2015 (Tir 3, 2007).
5. At the January 11, 2015 General Assembly, 425 members reaffirmed that it is only the MEAD General Assembly that should deal with affairs of MEAD and reaffirmed its election of the Executive Committee with Ato Mamushet Amare as President of MEAD.
6. Though invited to attend the second called General Assembly, Ato Abebaw did not present himself.
7. Strangely, the Weyane still asked for convening the MEAD General Assembly for a third time and for the MEAD to elect their President. President Mamushet and other elected officials sued the Ethiopian Election Board for its unwillingness to respect the vote of MEAD representatives.
8. Meanwhile the so-called National Elections of 2015 was approaching other illegal individuals , including Abebaw Mehari to lead MEAD.
9. And Woyane appointed Ato Abebew President of MEAD, on May 13, 2015 (Ginbot, 5, 2007). On the other hand, Weyane imprisoned President Mamushet as well 46 other MEAD leaders across Ethiopia. The President and other leaders were jailed for undeclared reasons.



10. On June 2, 2015, Weyane sued President Mamushet for instigating troubles on April 22, 2015 (Miaza 14/2007). The Weyane had assembled so-called witnesses to testify that President Mamushet was guilty as charged. Unfortunately for the Weyane, Mamushet reminded the judges that he was in court arguing against the Election Board’s determination regarding the MEAD elections. Because the judges found that president Mamushet’s evidence was incontrovertible, they declared that Ato Mamushet is innocent; and was released. However, the Weyane created a previously unstated accusation and insisted that he is accused at another court for inciting people to hold demonstrations against the beheading of Ethiopians by ISIS in Libya. And again the court found out that the legally elected president Mamushet was not guilty of anything; and he has been released. However, till today, the legal leadership of MEAD are chased and harassed for being legally elected leaders of the party.

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11. All this has proved that MEAD and its leadership are innocent peaceful and legal political actors in the country. Legesse Woldehana was serving this legal MEAD party and he was very active in sharing information about illegally arrested prisoners of Ethiopians including MEAD members and leadership.


12. Unfortunately, Woyane continued to arrest and jail number of officials of AEUP without any reason and Justification. Currently the Woyane dictator regime arrested and jailed Ato Legesse Woldehana ; the MEAD PR. In addition to Ato Legesse Woldehana, the dictator regime recently jailed Zemene Gete (executive member of MEAD) and other MEAD leaders and members. There appears to be no end to the injustice levied against MEAD and its’ executive leadership, members and supporters. And the inhuman treatment, harassment and torture against these prisoners is unbelievable.


We ask all human right groups, freedom-loving organizations throughout the world to rally behind the legally elected leadership of MEAD, peaceful prisoners, activists and journalists who are jailed, tortured and treated inhumanly in Ethiopia. We strongly request the human right groups, freedom loving people to defend the rights of all prisoners of MEAD; as well as all other Ethiopians.

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The dictator regime of Woyane in Ethiopia is so inhuman, cruel and backward in treating prisoners. The dictator Woyane prison officials abuse, torture, kill and disable peaceful political struggle promotors of MEAD as well as other parties. In line to this, we have a strong fear that Ato Legesse Woldehan, the PR of MEAD will be treated inhumanly and in a cruel manner. We have so many documented evidences that the dictator regime of Woyane has tortured, killed, disabled and treated inhumanly so many MEAD leaders, members and supporters.

In particular we are appealing here to you on behalf of Legesse Woldehan, who is the subject of our deepest concern.

We appeal you to influence the dictator Woyane regime to implement the basic principles for the treatment of prisoners; adopted and proclaimed by the general assembly resolution 45/111 of 14 December 1990. We hope, in the name of all people concerned with human rights, that we will hear from you about this matter at the earliest possible opportunity.

Yours truly,

Supporters of Democracy and Human Right Group in Ethiopia,
Supporters of All Ethiopian Unity Organization, USA
Supporters of All Ethiopian Unity Organization, UK, London
Supporters of All Ethiopian Unity Organization, South Africa, Pretoria
Supporters of All Ethiopian Unity Organization, Australia, Sydney

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