Aneleyayem, We are Inseparable!! – by Tedla Asfaw

“Anelayayem Egna”, “We are inseparable”. Who are We ? The Ethiopian Muslims and Christians. This rally cry had indeed worried the Ethiopian regime cadres after a quarter million people went out to streets of Addis Ababa this past Sunday, June 2, 2013. The response from the regime for we are inseparable is that you are separable. The regime cadres accused the rally as led by “Muslim Extremists”. Christians Vs Muslims !!!

Who were the extremists ? The young men and women who posed for a picture together. Young women wearing hijab taking photos with “inseparable” sisters with no hijab. That is a crime for the minority regime of Ethiopia. You call for the release of jailed Muslim leaders you are extremist too. The rally on Sunday brought tens of thousands from Sunday masses to join the rally.

Many Ethiopians go to church on Sunday.This Sunday for most, their prayer was not in church. They went out to be the Voice of the ethnically cleansed Christians from Beni Shanguel. They heard from the victims what the regime did to their communities. Farms were looted, schools were sacked and churches were abandoned. Ethiopian Muslims took it as their own loss. Call it Extremism, who cares !!!

Yes, Ethiopians are Extremely United. That signals the beginning of the end of ethno apartheid regime of 22 years. The fake documentary of “Jihadawi Harakat” was totally condemned by both Christians and Muslims. Ethiopians back home and in the Diaspora are united more than ever. Evil forces in Ethiopia are now trapped and no matter what they will not succeed in starting Christians VS Muslims war to keep us busy while they loot billions of dollars to stash it on their “Loot Dam” out of the country on foreign rivers.

No fake trial of corruption in court of thieves or talk of Building Dam will distract Ethiopians from the Freedom and Justice Struggle that was brutally repressed eight years ago. Yes indeed Ethiopians have awaken. !!! No detention of our leaders will stop us in fact for each jailed there will be thousands of voices back home and in he diaspora.

The more than one hand half year old Ethiopian Muslims struggle for religious freedom was not stopped by locking up bright young and patriotic Ethiopian Muslims. “Wene Yelelew YeHager Shekim Newee”, “Unpatriotic Ethiopian is a burden for our country” the reply of young Muslims and Christians. That indeed has been true here in the Diaspora Ethiopian Communities. Those who live in fear in a free country are shame not for their birth country but also for the currently they are residing.Most came to free country to be free not to “pray” and “pay” for those who are abusing their people back home.

We want to make it clear that like the regime back home those who want us to be silent in our worship place here in Diaspora, priests or sheiks are the enemy of our people. We will take the march from our churches and mosques to the streets wherever we live. Ethiopian Muslims and Christians stood together more than anytime in our history, united to defeat criminals on Western Suits.

Let the “Hodeader” priests and sheiks worry about their “Firefaris” leftover from the double digit growth.The young Ethiopians have to take back their country by their united action to benefit the more than 70 percent young people of Ethiopia. “The revos” of the 60s will take the back seat and follow our young leaders. It is time not to mess up the battle field like we did it eight years ago in 2005. If we had the Unity of Ethiopian Christians and Muslims like it is now this regime would have gone eight years ago,

We have also learnt a good lesson from June 2, mass protest in Addis. Our protest for the last eight years in the Diaspora was to be the Voice of the Voiceless by bringing our peoples voice to foreign powers who are doing business with the thieves in Ethiopia. Now the Voiceless are coming out bravely led by the Blue Party(Semayawi) of Ethiopia and other opposition parities participation, Diaspora should take our churches and mosques back from Woyane sympathizers and apologists on Sundays in support of the Historical Sunday Mass Protest by Addis Ababeans.

Let us bring a United Rally to foreign streets and Capitals in a Motto of “Aneleyayem”. God is Great, Allah WaKiber, Egzeabher Yetekebre Yehune, Yekeber !!!!

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