Andargachew Tsige is our Mandela

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By Brook
573C78C“If you close every door then the whole house will come down”. Remember who said this quote? Now, it will come to bite you because people tend to free themselves from tyranny. It is just a matter of time that brave Ethiopians will come swinging their sword and shield as it has been in all our history. Tigrai People Liberation Front (TPLF) constitutes only one percent of 6.1 percent of Ethiopia that is filled with Stone Age, narrow mind, and a bunch of traders of our independence. Civilized nation respect everyone opinion, but in Ethiopia where one percent of 6.1 percent of the nation run the country under gun with highly financed security apparatus don’t know the language of diplomacy and roundtable discussion to solve our country’s political issues. The whole military and security apparatus are nothing but to protect the financial gain of one percent of 6.1 percent.
This financial gain benefits only one percent of 6.1 percent. It is every day experience that the rest of the country lives as second, third, and forth citizen. This one percent of 6.1 percent who has drunk with money gained through corruption and control of military and security machineries don’t understand they are collecting money only to bury themselves and their loved ones. I can assure you that there will no place in this world to hide from the people of Ethiopia once the walls shattered and face with brave people of Ethiopia. Remember Ben Ali, Gadhafi, and Mubarak? They are all faced the rage of their nation. Controlling military and security forces didn’t save them from determined and well-organized people and from all deserved justice.
You can jail, torture, and all you want to do that stone age, narrow minded, and hate filled people of one percent of 6.1 percent can do to our Mandela, but time will come this unforgettable and unforgiving act of yours will come to bite you. You are fuelling hate among various ethnic groups in our one nation of Ethiopia. Every one now come to their sense that you are using this fueling of hate among various ethnic groups as a tool to strengthen your power and lengthen your period of dictatorship. Now, this period is up.
From Brook

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  1. Brook, dont make a loughing stock out of you and gimbot7
    you cant creat a hero out of banda and ideot weyane

  2. This days, being a Naturalized Citizen mean nothing, UK, has a lots of time to stop the extradition process UK foreign secretary to intervene on Andargachew’s behalf b/c his a citizen of GB; However, didn’t urge a single statement to do the utmost to his release. being a citizen of western nation is good for nothing….if Yemeni( Law less Nation) was abducted a white British men it would have been a different reaction…. Shame on British Government Officials…what unfair world….!

  3. I cant saying it more than this quotation
    “….it raises important questions about irresponsible G7 leadership who obviously seems played a part in his handover …why G7 had to wait for a week before they made his arrest public?????? this is the question G7 leaders had to address, The earlier his arrest became public it would have helped his case yet G7 STUPID LEADERS decided to risk his life as they did to other Ethiopians in the past…”

  4. Andargachew we will always remember you and will not forget you and the betrayal of YEMEN and the brutality of the mercenary Tigre led regime. Andargachew you will be our Mandella and your sacrifice will not remain in vain and we will erect a statue when the time comes

  5. I don’t believe UK had any hand in this. If they think or agree with the Ethiopian government that this man is a terrorist or a member of a terrorist organization they would have taken him to court in the UK charging him for being as such. You should understand that Yemen has never been an effective centralized nation at any time in its history. This went from bad to worse after the overthrow of a weak monarchy in the 1960’s. It is a nation formed around competing tribes who sometimes are friends and at other times mortal enemies to each other. If you can make a deal with a clan, then even the big house is all yours. I bet you this man has fallen victim to a bought off Yemeni clan by the Ethiopian security forces. That is why Yemen is found to be an excellent place for Al Qaeda to have a ‘secured’ base. It is just like Somalia. Especially the Northern part of Yemen that includes Sana’a is a society that seems to come out of a mold from the Dark Ages, not even the Middle Ages. It does not surprise me if the President of Yemen was not aware of the arrest until the man was whisked away by the Ethiopian security. Today some clan member has turned filthy rich overnight by this ‘trafficking of a precious cargo’. I mean rich. And the UK could not do anything to help this man. I don’t even think they had any time to do anything. I bet you the victim was whisked out of Yemen within 24 hours of his arrival at the Sana’a Int’l Airport. His fate was sealed the very time Sana’a appeared on his itinerary.
    On the other hand, this will be a stain on the history of relationship of two peoples and will be remain so forever. I feel for his family and I don’t even want to start thinking the agony this man is going through as we speak. He is being subjected to the cruelest methods of physical torture reminiscent of the Spanish Inquisition. Nobody will be able to help him. Nobody!!! Thanks to the danger of terrorism and because of that Mr. Tsige and numerous prisoners of conscience like him will remain in the blind spot until terrorism is wiped out from that region.

  6. When did Mandela declare war in his own country ? or on white people who imprisoned him for 27 years. Is’t very silly to compare this little man to Mandela. They are completely incomparable persons.
    On a side note I do belive that it’s time for G7 to take full responsibility to what happened and apologize to all the members whose names are now publicly disclosed. Shame on you Birhanu Nega,

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