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Andargachew Tsige Has History On His Side

By Mike Aradaw
Andargachew TsigeOn the hills of an exclusive African Union summit held in Equatorial Guinea a week ago, African leaders have given themselves the power of immunity from prosecution for a list of crimes that is the norm with almost all of them. Amnesty International condemned it as “a backward step in the fight against impunity and a betrayal of victims of serious violations of human rights”.
It is no wonder one of Africa’s poster child for the brutal prosecution of its opposition members and journalists, Ethiopia, is set to benefit from this decision. This decision in many ways is a mockery to what was once and is still considered a Dark Continent to the world. To Ethiopia – that is still ranked the second poorest country in the world next to Niger – its business as usual in its brutal crackdown of its citizens.
“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear”, Nelson Mandela once said. I wonder where the Nelson Mandela’s of Africa are.
The latest victim is a noted and respected Ethiopian opposition leader, Ginbot 7’s, Andargachew Tsige who is facing the death penalty for his opposition activities. The British national has just been extradited from Yemen to Ethiopia earlier today, as he was in transition, and what has just happened to him is a clear violation of the Vienna convention.
The British government, mindful of its investment in Ethiopia, has totally ignored the injustice that is taking place to its citizen and the world that knows much misery from dirt poor Ethiopia has become a mere observer.
The United Kingdom government, which claims to oppose the “death penalty in principle”, has almost been mute except to release a statement that “If confirmed (the extradition) this would be deeply concerning given our consistent requests for information from the Yemeni authorities, the lack of any notification of his detention in contravention of the Vienna convention and our concerns about the death penalty that Mr Tsige could face in Ethiopia.”
Now that his extradition has been confirmed, will they act?
Even by African standard, Ethiopia has been slow in protecting human rights and the introduction of democracy. The fact is that Ginbot 7, among its principles, is the use of arms to free Ethiopia. Is that terrorism? It certainly is not?
Ethiopia does not understand that. Andargachew Tsige does. Nelson Mandela, who was once foolishly described as a terrorist did. Just look where Mandela is in the history books.
Mike Aradaw is a post graduate Law student at Indian State University.


    Why did MR, ANDARGACHEW prefer to carry brit’s passport , while using Brits passport to carry out coup deta and encouraging terrorism terrorism in Africa ?? Or is it the Brit’s systematically indirectly encouraging war in Africa and among AFRICANS by issuing passport to terrorists ?

  2. It is more costly to handle a radicalised society than scolding a dictatorship. Western govs should tell Tigray liberation front in Ethiopia, who are controlling the country at gun point, to give up power. We will never stop from fighting for democracy.

  3. I am not pro to political stand of Andargachew Tsige rather I hate his political stand but I really condemns what Yemen did to him because of Yemen has interfered to the internal political problem of of Ethiopia. As I said I hate his political stand that doesn’t mean I will take him to justice or what ever rather in our future democratic country our people and only our people resolve or give remedy for our hate or difference. Kidnapping one citizen by organizing fellow dictator will never give a chance to be in power for ever!!!!

  4. Mr. Mike,
    You’re a graduate law student, may be LL.M.,J.S.D, or J.S.P, yet you are blindfolded or don’t want to admit that Mr. Tsgie may be a law breaker. Here’s the the thing. No matter how repressive EPRDF may be, the system already laid a foundation for peaceful struggle, for that matter there are many opposition sects playing by the rule. Tsgie, however, did notonly declared war on the Constitution, he also declared publicly that G7 would assassin EPRDF politicians and even regular EPRDF members. Subversive activity/treason/ is punishable under Ethiopian law from life to death. EPRDF, whether you like it or nor, has more than 7million active members, which Andargachew threatened to assassin. He is commander-in-chief of a gorilla army trying to change the Ethiopian government through violence,I hope you don’t deny that. So why is it illegal to capture a person who declared war on the republic? G7 us in war with Woyane and the latter captured the general.I don’t see any problem with what the Ethiopian government did. And it is not conceivable that you tried to compare Mandela’s apartheid struggle with that of the Ethiopian status quo. Mandela had completely different role and that was a fighgt against colonialist. Also, Mandela was more or less popular in SA during that time. However, Andy has supper only from angered Derg remnant ethnic Amharas most Ethiopians detest the guy- I am being honest with you.

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