AN URGENT APPEAL – From Mesfin Wolde-Mariam

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The UN Human Rights Commission

The African Union Human Rights Commission
The International Red Cross
Amnesty International
Human Rights Watch
All Men and Women of GOOD WILL
RyotReeyot Alemu is a budding Ethiopian poet, essayist, and journalist. There are not many Ethiopians of her caliber inside the country. She has been languishing in the famous Ethiopian Prison in Qalliti for almost three years. She was charged of terrorism, a crime she totally abhors. She was sentenced first for eighteen years but later reduced to three.
With the exception of her mother and father, she is not allowed to communicate with anyone, including her sisters, brothers as well as her fiancée.
Reeyot, although constantly in agonizing pain and in need of help, is held in solitary confinement with a very old and sickly foreign woman who herself requires assistance.
Reeyot is suffering from some growth in her breasts. The prison authorities have been reluctant to take her to hospital for medical checkup, even when her parents were prepared to pay the bill. When she became seriously il

Reeyot Alemu

l she was allowed to see a doctor as a result of which she was taken to the hospital and operated upon. But no sooner had the surgeon finished the operation than she was immediately taken back to prison even before she had fully recovered from the Anastasia.
She now suffers from a relapse on the operated breast and similar growth in her other breast. The prison authorities still demonstrate their reluctance to provide medical treatment even at the expense of her parents.
May God provide the necessary courage to all those institutions and organizations to cry out effectively for this young lady who is suffering at the hands of insensitive prison administration.






  1. What a shame

    The regime that came to power accusing its predecessors, among other things, of human rights violations is committing even more blatant human rights atrocities. In any civilized nation, the right to medical attention is regarded as a basic human right. The current regime in Addis should not deny this basic right particularly when someone else is offering to cover the expenses. What good will come out of detaining an individual who is sick and in need of immediate medical attention? The government action amounts to cruel and unusual punishment.

    This is not the first time that the government has resorted to this inhuman punishment of political prisoners. Remember professor Asrat? He was denied badly needed medical attention until it was too late. The same fate awaits Journalist Reeyot Alemu unless the international community and human rights groups bring pressure on the regime to allow Ms. Alemu get immediate medical attention.

    It will be a shame to lose another up and coming leader destined to bring change to a nation that desperately needs it.


  2. Once again the racist TPLF regime demonstrating what they are known for. AS it has always been said these despicable people are there to repeat what their forefathers did to Ethiopia and Ethiopians all those years ago. They are dragging us and our country to slow and agonizing death.

  3. Professor Mesfin,

    I would suggest you buy wisdom and rely on our culture than calling UN, … bla bla which is useless and meaningless. She is in prison and I once was in prison and I had to face the problem and I could die. I am against putting people in prison because imprisonment is destructive by nature leave alone in Africa, there is good prison even anywhere. Prisoners are notorious everywhere in the world including in Europe and North America. There is no good prison. Authorities have a lot of power on prisoners everywhere across the globe, it is not only in Ethiopia. As I said earlier, I am against her imprisonment, but I do not like your approach at all. You are elderly and you must have been armed with our cultural wisdom of our country and help our people in a cultural sensitive way. However, you decided to cry to UN, ? Does it mean age doe not really give wisdom ? You need to stop your counter productive campaign and blackmailing authorities which will make her life more worse and difficult. If I were you, I would use the power of reason and wisdom to get released, only her even but all prisoners in the country. But you are trying to tell us she better Ethiopian than other Ethiopian? which is detest. She is not better than Eskinder, others. All our people, our fellow citizens and we must care about all and if they did mistakes, mistakes must be addressed in a traditional way instead of running to UN.

    Please EPRDF release our people from prisoner regardless what they did. I am asking all prisoners to be released even politically it is good for the government and we know the government has done many crimes and many bad things against country. But no government official has been held in prison. I am not saying they did not do anything. They know themselves what they did and you probably know what they did. I am not here to judge anyone. But I would be happy if all people can prisoned. This lady can be assigned to do social service work in rural communities than languish in prison. She is educated and she can be trained to teach about health in deep rural area which will be good for her and for the people she will help. I do not see the benefit of keeping people in prison wasting resources looking after unproductive people. So please release all prisoners. My suggestions, to give social, or community work in rural areas as punishment. I believe in healing , not in wounding. Ignore mad people like Professor Mesfin and Kemesgen Delalegn. We do not need immature people them. I request the Ethiopian government to release all the prisoners and give them alternative punishment. Let Eskinder and his likes work in the rural area and help their communities than talking too much. Because that is one way of helping their people. I am against UN and any body interfering in our country. I strongly believe we must solve our problem ourselves because no one can solve our problem except ourselves. Ignore those who beg food, freedom,… from outside and I give not give damn shit to UN or UNHC.

    • What a load of rubbish Mr Gezaee? What cultural wisdom are you talking about? All our cultural assets had been destroyed by the invading TPLF force. People like yourself are always up in arms whenever the evil deeds of the TPLF are exposed to the international community. Someone like you does not have the moral ground to criticize the likes of Professor Mesfin and Journalist Temesgen Desalegn. Please for everyone’s sake keep your mouth shut.

  4. What kind of cruelty and inhumanity to man is this? The girl is imprisoned for speaking her mind. She has not committed any crime. That was not enough for tplf, but they deny treatment as well. It is a shame for these thugs to do this to this brave girl. That shows only the degree of their contempt toward all of us because she reminded them all of us Ethiopians. I know these cruel, merciless, and bloody people or men of tplf to glory in their shame. The guy up their by the name of Gezaee talks about our culture. Since when is our culture to put the girl who wrote about the sufferings of our people in prison, and while there denying treatment when she is sick with life threatening disease? It may be tplfites culture, but it is not ours. My Ethiopian culture tells me that women are protected, defended, and provided with basic necessities. These narrow minded, envious, vain, egotistical, vengeful, and bound for revenge people are getting way out of proportion day by day. Isn’t there at least one person among you who can make sense? Can you call yourself a hero and a mountain mover when you are unable to show mercy for a girl who fought you with her pen? I tell you, you guys are a bunch bums and cowards. But remember this! When Mandela went to prison, the prison administrator and his guards were very hostile to Him. You can feel their hate towards Him. 28 years later, when they were in trouble, they came to Him to save their behinds. You better keep this outstanding girl alive, because she may be the one who can save you in a very near future ( yes, your end is fast approaching ). Day by day, by showing your cruelty to countless good people, you are becoming out of your savings. We thank the tireless professor for His appeal for this Ethiopian heroine to the world community. Let the world know what tplf is all about.

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