An Open Letter to WBTV – Holy Trinity Ethiopian Orthodox Tewhahedo Church

TO WBTV To Whom It May Concern:
Aba Geberemariam Asefa HailuThis is in regards to a news report that was broadcast on May 5, 2015 at 6 p.m. about Holy Trinity Ethiopian Orthodox Tewhahedo Church here in Charlotte, NC. My understanding of news media is one who brings information that can inform and educate viewers based on truth and/or both sides of a story. Sadly, I found your news report of our church to be completely one-sided even though you were provided with all of the Church’s information. It was and is still very concerning to me, and others in our church, why you would choose to depict only one side of the story; equal air time for both sides of the story/information should have been given to the viewers. I expect in this great country of ours, where democracy is not a privilege rather an individual right and no one is above the law, it is very basic to believe that journalism be done with integrity and honesty. I found the report very biased and one sided; the media’s air time was purposely used to damage the reputation of our church as well as the members’ and Parish Council’s. In my opinion, it also paints a very bad picture on WBTV media and its’ reporting.

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