An Interview with Dr Negasso Gidada (SBS Australia Amharic program)

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Dr Negasso Gidada, the former Ethiopian President and Chairman of the Unity for Democracy and Justice Party (UDJ), talks about the main push factors to leave UDJ



  1. My Question to the Former President of Ethiopian, RT Dr. Negasso Gedda is what about the 16Tth[ Harmufa 1562-1570 and Robale 1570-1578] and 17th C Oromo migration to Norther Ethiopia and atrocities committed by the warriers in Amhara Regional State particularly in Gojjam and Gondor? How many ‘Anole’ should the Amhara build for remembering the atrocities committed on Amhara by Oromo Warriers?

    • Sol. ,You did forward the best question as per the situational analysis concerning ”Anole” . Surprisingly, I have seen Amharas and their leaders being silent and ignorant to stand a thumbnail reflecting what had been done and is being done on Amharas by Oromo aggression and warier pluses racists. I think Amharas don’t like to create a black mark of hateful mentality against any other ethnic in their future offspring. I admired my Amhara friends and the people in depth. ”are wise and positive thinkers in a broad mentality.

  2. Great Dr.The man who never compromises his conscience. The Ethiopian people always respect you! Long live and God bless you!

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