Amhara Association of America Applauds Congressional Letter to Secretary Pompeo Urging Action on Growing Unrest in Ethiopia

On August 21, 2020, Congressman Dean Phillips (MN-3rd District) led a letter to United States Secretary of State Michael Pompeo requesting his engagement with Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, along with political opposition and activists, to address the recent unrest in Ethiopia this summer.

The letter, which was signed by an additional 19 bipartisan Members of the United States House of Representatives, deplores the undemocratic actions and violence that have engulfed Ethiopia following the June 29, 2020 murder of Hacaaluu Hundeessaa.

In addition to Ethiopian security forces using excessive violence against peaceful protesters, along with politically motivated arrests of certain opposition figures and journalists, Congressman Phillips draws attention to the “graphic reports of violence targeting ethnic and religious communities”. As reported by many media outlets worldwide, Amhara, Gurages, and Christian Oromos in the Oromia Region were singled out by extremist elements in the days after Mr. Hundeessaa’s death.

Finally, Congressman Phillips and the other signatories call on Secretary Pompeo to work with the Ethiopian Government on a number of actions to advance basic human rights and democratic principles in Ethiopia. These include a denunciation of violence against ethnic and religious groups and condemning those who have used Mr. Hundeessaa’s murder as a pretense for targeting ethnic and religious minorities.

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The Amhara Association of America (AAA) would like to thank Congressman Phillips for his leadership in bringing awareness to this unprecedented violence and repression that only serve to destabilize Ethiopia. Additionally, we are grateful to all the Members of Congress who joined this letter and express support for a peaceful, pluralistic, and stable Ethiopian nation.

  • worked closely with Congressman Phillips and his staff on the final text of the letter to ensure it reflects the current situation in Ethiopia. We then urged our friends in the House of Representatives to add their signatures, and we will make sure the letter is seen by policymakers across Washington, D.C.


  • deeply appreciates Congressman Phillips championing the concerns of his constituents and the broader Ethiopian-American community. All Ethiopian-Americans should applaud the Congressman and the other signers for advocating for improvements in human rights, democratic reforms, free speech, and peaceful interethnic relations in Ethiopia.


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The full letter to Secretary Pompeo and the list of Congressional signatories can be read here.


We look forward to our continued relationships with Congressman Phillips, our other champions in Congress, and the State Department to implement the recommendations set forth in the letter.


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Media Contact:

Tewodrose (Ted) Tirfe, Chairman, Amhara Association of America

About AAA: The Amhara Association of America (AAA) is a nonprofit organization that coordinates the advocacy efforts of Ethiopia’s Amhara diaspora in the United States to Congress, the Executive Branch, non-governmental organizations, and international bodies. Visit for more information.


  1. Hi,

    Just to be fair and balanced. You might as well start posting press releases by the Oromo Association of America , the Oromo Libration Front and the Tigray Libration Front as well. -)

  2. Like Pompeo really cares? ሰዉየዉ ስራም አላጣም to worry about tribal issues of disgruntled African immigrants. And by now the Jawar side, which has proven itself to be diplomatically more savvy, is most likely already writing their own letter to him to counter this. And so continues the vicious cycle. Welcome to 21st century Ethiopian tribal politics.

  3. Amaras association of America need to clearly figure out a way to interview all of the
    the genocide victims, documenting their stories since 1991-2020 . So far what silenced the Amara genocide is the EPRDF ADP Bereket Simon & alike
    sellout Amaras who tell their stories of success by defaming the Amaras who faced genocides as liers .

    :Currently in Ethiopia only the Amara kilil region’s constitution allows the non Amaras to govern the killil holding high level government leadership of the region, other regions constitution clearly states only native ethnic individuals hold leadership posts in the regions.

  4. There is no transition in Ethiopia. EPRDF changed its name to Prosperity Party. TPLF is active in Ethiopia’s politics until today.

    One ethnic domination still exists.TPLF got replaced by OPDO in 4 kilo, the reckless is Abiy Ahmed & Co. not the opposition.


  5. The Habesha understanding of Democracy in America: Write public letters and organizing protests to sing “shame on you” while harassing elected officials (whom they did not vote for). That’s it. Hilarious :-) When will you grow up?

  6. Well, well, well hope you don’t get sued by the real AAA. It looks like somebody forgot to do their homework before registering (if it is registered) in the U.S. that AAA – pronounced “Triple A” is The American Automobile Association (AAA) established in 1902 for over 118 years they are a federation of motor clubs throughout North America. AAA is a privately held not-for-profit national member association and service organization with over 60 million members in the United States and Canada. AAA provides services to its members, including roadside assistance and others. Its national headquarters are in Heathrow, Florida. Where is yours? Don’t you have a lawyer? It’s embarrassing. I am only half Amara and I don’t agree with your mission but as long as you pay me I will take care of it for you. Let me know.

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