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American expert accuses TPLF of reviving apartheid in Ethiopia, embezzling billions of dollars


(ESAT) An American economist and civil resistance expert has accused the TPLF of copying the policies of the defunct apartheid regime in South Africa to oppress and exploit the poor people of Ethiopia.

In an exclusive interview with ESAT, David Steinman, who advises pro-democracy movements around the world, said the minority regime is draining all the economic resources away from the majority.

He claims that there is a good reason to conclude that Zenawi embezzled over $3 billion during his reign of terror. He mentioned Celebrity Net Worth as a pretty accurate source that uses financial investigative methods before arriving at such a conclusion.

According to him, there is ample evidence that shows that the TPLF regime has embezzled over 30 billion US dollars. The Endowment Fund for the Rehabilitation of Tigray (EFFORT) is a major force in the massive scale looting of Ethiopia, according to Steinman.

According to Steinman, the structure of apartheid was deliberately revised and imposed in Ethiopia. “This doesn’t appear a coincidence to me,” he said.

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“In South Africa apartheid was used to justify the exploitation of the majority by minority whites. I don’t think it is a coincidence that you see in Ethiopia the exact same dynamic. You have a small ethnic minority that is pushing on other people this ethnic tribalism,” he said.

He noted that there is already a history going back the last 26 years of ethnicity being disastrous for Ethiopia. “The signs are that it is not going to get any better. I think Africa has already experienced the struggle to get rid of one apartheid regime. Another apartheid regime does not strike me as exactly one that Africa needs at this point in history.”

He also claimed that the economic development that the TPLF is trying to promote is fake as the major beneficiaries of any economic gains are corrupt TPLF officials and their cronies. He argued that there is a direct connection between economic development and enabling political environments such as respect for human rights, rule of law and human rights.

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“Ethiopian can only prosper by the efforts of millions of Ethiopians aspiring to improve their own life. The power of the individual must be unleashed in Ethiopia.”

Steiman further pointed out that the domination of the economy and political space by the TPLF is dangerous that will only end up in disaster. He blamed former tyrant Meles Zenawi for instituting such a corrupt and oppressive regime after promises to bring about justice, rule of law and democracy.

Steinman urged Ethiopians to unify against the TPLF regime which is using ethnicity as a tool of implementing its divide and rule policy.

Full interview with David Steinman



  1. Mr. Steinman,

    Your a 1000% correct. Thank you very much for your honesty and effort to help the oppressed, enslaved and starved Ethiopian people. Please assist as in exposing the tyrannical TPLF/EPRDF to current USA administration including President Trump. What Ethiopians need NOW is a true and genuine democracy. True democracy is like a TIDE THAT LIFTS ALL BOATS. 100% of Ethiopians will benefit in all aspects of life in democratic system. EVERY BODY WILL HAVE A SKIN IN THE GAME OF LIFE.

  2. Guys,

    I wanted to listen to the gentleman, but Abebe G. ruined everything. Would somebody please take away the lap top from Abebe whenever he sits to talk with ferenjis. He has problem reading what he wrote on the lap top and articulating questions. He gets tense and appears to scare the people he talks to. Can’t he reherse for a couple of hours before he gets to the studio?

    I think ESAT should get somebody else for interviews in English. Not someone with a fancy American accent but with empty brian. An Ethiopian with some light accent and brainy guy. I guess girls can do it better. Please, anybody but Abebe. If you can’t get somebody, it is better to forget the whole program. Ethiopians are not in short of information on what’s going on in the country. If Abebe refuses to leave to someone, suppress his voice and let’s hear the answers only. Just show some respect to the guys who appear for the interview. For listeners too.

    I speak bad English, but Abebe speaks much worse than me.

    Sorry! Somebody has to tell him.


  3. Constructive criticism is always good and let’s hope Mr Abebe does not take it personally. Mr. Abebe, relax, take a deep breath, slow down, be yourself don’t try to mimic an accent, be proud of your accent and own it.Remember Henry Kissinger with his deep German accent! The point here is conduct a relaxed conversation that is audible, understandable and above all informative. Pay attention to your guest instead of thinking about your next question. Try to mimic the tone, the pace, and the delivery of your guest.

    Your effort is admirable just work on your interview acumen. As suggested by the comment above, rehearsal is very important and I am sure you know that.

    Keep up the good work. Practice makes perfect and you will get there in due time.

  4. In 1991 ethiopian has got the best constitution in all africa.
    why TPLF is not fully implementing this constituton?
    HOW can you compare apartheid with a constitton that is right to self determination sup to sessetion ,self administration of each nation inside its state.
    The reality is imposing amharic was apatheid since it was used to exclusion non amharic speaking.amharic was boer language to 70 per cent of non speaking amharic.

    You have to accept to leave the colonial mentality.and to accept the rihgt of the different nations conquered by minilik. Why are you against referundum of each nation for their future.United ethiopia one lungage? union ethinic federation of free states. or independace .

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