Ambo University fires one of the detained Zone 9 bloggers, lecturer Zelalem

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July 6, 2014

The letter, dated July 02, 2014, posted on Ambo University’s staff notice board states that Zelalem Kibert Beza, lecturer at the University and a member of the blogging collective, Zone 9, has been officially fired from his post as he “had not responded to two previous calls witten within the past couple of months to report about his absence from the University.”

Zelalem was detained on the April 25, 2014 along with eight other bloggers and journalists in Addis Abeba accused of various anti-government plots. He has not been yet charged. Police has been holding Zelalem for the past three months without officially charging him but bringing him to court and seeking further time to conduct investigation.

Signed by Dr. Lakew Wondimu Abachri, the Academic and Research Deputy President of Ambo University, the letter (attached below) also orders Zelalem to return all materials and works he has been handling back to the University. The letter has been copied to various administrative offices and departments of the University.

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Source: Debirhan


    What a bunch of idiots who called themselves as “Dr.” “this” and “that”….it is such a pity to know that the “country” has bestowed the very noble responsibility of the shaping of the movers and shakers of tomorrow’s Ethiopia to such incapable individuals.
    Obviously, the so called “Dr Lakew Wondemu” unless otherwise he is suffering from undiagnosed amnesia or dare to hoodwink all of us when he scribbled this rubbish, he is fully aware of what is happening in the country. The “Dr.” is either a gutless moronic individual or another “yes man” who follow instructions from a small-time Tigray Cadre!!
    Such is Ethiopian higher education!

  2. Very interesting. How can you expect a person in prison to respond to a call, what ever call it is?
    I don’t know the guy but firing him while in prison with no charge doesn’t make sense at all.

  3. This is nonsense! he has already been detained so how did you think he would respond to you from prison?

  4. This is pathetic. I understand that the University is told by Tplf bosses to fire the guy. Ok that part is settled, but what is the letter crap? You know he is in Tplf prison, and you ask him to write you back? I know the terror tplf sends down your spines, but you can still act like an adult while carrying out your orders from tplf. This letter is childish and pathetic. The guy in prison has more freedom than you, IMO.

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