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Ambo secondary school closed due to the popular opposition of students

by Girma Alemu

The students of Ambo secondary school are strongly opposing the harassment by the ruling party and have decided not to attend school by staying at home. Due to the action of the students to stay home the school is closed.
Because to the recent popular apprising staged by the students, several of them have been bitten and taken to prison by the regime‘s soldiers. Such actions by the regime didn’t create a conducive environment to go to school and follow their education, students reported. Such heinous actions are still continuing in other schools.

It is reported, students in other schools are following their education surrounded by the regime’s soldiers. The whereabouts of the students that are rounded up and taken to various holding places are not known.

It is known, the ruling regime is using the state of emergency as a power to target students and keep harassing them.

In other news, youths who were forcefully gathered were taken with military tacks to Senkele military camp, sources reveal.

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