Amazing turn out to #DC #Canada #London’s # Israel #NoMore rally

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Amazing turn out to #London’s #NoMore rally. Metropolitan Police in London told EP that 40-50 thousands Eritreans and Ethiopians have gathered outside the #US Embassy in The capital. #Eritrea #Ethiopia #NoMore

: BAP is joining


for their Nov 21 global protest saying #NoMore to war on the Horn of Africa. The U.S. has withdrawn from Afghanistan but now has #Ethiopia in its imperialist cross hairs. #NoMore U.S. intervention! Find an action near you \

The silent majority has awakened & you cannot silence us #NoMore! This is the single most important issue for the 140+ Million Ethiopians, Eritreans, Somali & allies across the world! Enough is enough!

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Ethiopian and Ertrians in #Canada and #London, among others, are demonstrating against American and European interference in #Ethiopia‘s affairs. These demonstrations will cause the media, pressure groups, etc., to experience trauma and psychological crisis.


NOT another neocolonial war! It stops here & now at Ethiopia!

#NoMore rally outside M16 Headquarter in London. #Eritrea #Ethiopia



Ethiopia – ESAT ኢሳት የኢትዮጵያውያን የተቃውሞ ሰልፍ በዋሽንግተን ዲሲ Sun 21 Nov 2021


Jamal Osman
· 7h
Members of the #Ethiopian community in #Britain protesting in London today against ‘foreign intervention’.
They claim the west (mainly the US) is trying to overthrow their Government led by ⁦@AbiyAhmedAli⁩ and want to bring the TPLF back to power.


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  1. Yes, it is good to witness the turnout of expressing the concerns we have about the situation in the country and to let those who are not playing a good play of intervention. No compatriot with his or her right mind either undermines or questions the need to stand together and protest the unfair and unproductive intervention by any external actor!
    The very tricky problem is when we become victims of just blaming others whereas we tragically and repeatedly fail to do our own homework. This kind of extremely shameful or embarrassing way of doing politics was and is the most notorious cause of the most devastating crisis we are languishing in.
    It is very ridiculous to horribly fail to make sure one’s home is well-built. well-maintained, well- guarded and well-led on one hand but to keep decrying the intervention by powerful and donor actors as if it is a new policy and behavior of international politics and international relations on the hand.
    Why we lost and keep losing the courage and determination of challenging our own politicians and ruling elites of a very dirty and brutal political system who are not willing and able to behave and act with their common sense of humanity?
    Why we allow ourselves to be victims of our own clumsy and distorted political thinking, moral degradation and going wrong worse than we went through for a long period time?
    How the very infantile political thinking and act of protesting on behalf one of the most arrogant, deceptive, and destructive person, Esaeyas Afeworki does make sense?
    Don’t we know why and how one faction of EPRDF (TPLF) is marching from all the way up Mekle to all the way down to northern Shewa and keep marching toward the capital or the Arat Kilo palace? Don’t we know that this is mainly because of the continuation of the crime infested political system of ethnocentrism led by TPLF for a quarter of a century and now by a much more disingenuous and brutal ruling elites of Oromization?
    Is this not the very dangerous sabotage by those who are in and around Arat Kilo palace politics including those high-ranking military officials who are parts and parcels of the very ugly and deadly politics of ethnic identity?

    Do we really ask ourselves Why and how the defense forces or the military run away from Tigray all the way down to Debre Berhan which is the very critical gateway to the Arat Kilo palace? Do we allow ourselves to be fooled with a very nonsensical or stupid excuse of retreat?
    How many demonstrations we held and how many more we left with and for how long? Are they not so many and for a long period of time? Do we ask ourselves how the very political culture of just delivering political rhetoric and holding demonstrations without engaging in the struggle for the emergence of truly democratic country can make sense leave alone a real sense of difference?
    Agree or disagree, the very political mentality of self-satisfaction without courageously engaging and forcing our own disingenuous and brutal ruling elites and so many good for nothing opposition political elites to make the dream for true democratic system a reality is painfully embarrassing. Yes, the very political culture and thinning of taking the blame to others without doing one’s homework is a terrible way of doing politics! Needless to say that the very political mentality of being satisfied with our own colorful rhetoric and demonstrations but willing and able to turn them into powerful instruments of action is painfully sad!

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