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All Distorted Claims about Ethiopia’s Just War are Futile

Mr. Martin Plaut (Former Africa Editor – BBC News)
January 3, 2021

On January 2, 2021, I had the chance to watch your shameful comments on  TPLF’s mouth piece, Tigray Media House, regarding the current issue on the horn of Africa. Let me tell you from the onset – you are lying.

As you know very well, the Ethiopian Army of the North Command, who was stationed there for 20+ years to ensure the safety and security of Tigray was slaughtered by TPLF forces. If you did not hear this or didn’t know this or if you simply want to ignore the fact, please enlighten yourself by looking this four-minute video.

Berhanemeskel, the woman from Tigray Media House who is talking to you can translate the video for you. In this 4-minute video, Sekuture Getachew, one of the top men of TPLF, proudly and loudly was saying that it took only 45 minutes for TPLF to rapidly attack and kill the ethnically-selected tens of thousands of non-Tigrean national army members. So, Mr. Martin, do you by any measurement, any consideration and truthful judgement, expect the Ethiopian people and the national army to sit down, mourn for the martyrs and do nothing else? Would your own country choose to sit down and mourn passively if part of its army is slaughtered by bandits?? Judge it for yourself – and despite my reservations about your capability to do so, judge objectively. It is understandable that M. Berhanemeskel along with her group in Tigray Media House and the likes, who were lavishly living abroad as benefactors of this criminal TPLF group are surprised to see TPLF’s fall so abruptly as the country rightfully took measures against them. There will be no more stolen money coming to M. Berhanemeskel and her friends from Ethiopia by the TPLF mafia group. Things have changed for the good of Ethiopia and for the betterment of Tigray. The just Ethiopian war against TPLF and the 250,000 army members (quoted too by BBC- Focus on Africa) who were trained and prepared for the sole purpose of serving the evil aim of the TPLF bandits will soon be over. The undeniable truth is that whenever there is war, there are consequences. But one has to conclude that war consequences such as displacements, hunger, lack of light water and food…etc, despite being unwanted consequences, cannot by any means be equally comparable to the manslaughter of humans like goats and sheep!!! Simply stated, the latter is infinitely more catastrophic than the former. In addition, the savage acts committed in Maykadra on thousands of innocent ethnic Amharas in addition to the slaughtering of the national army members in one dark night (also selected by ethnicity) has no parallel in history, in any country. Therefore, Mr. Plaut, denying the necessary nature of the war that TPLF started itself is deceitful. Also, willfully ignoring the countless atrocities that TPLF committed in order to appeal to individuals like M. Berhanemeskel who are only crying in order to create a false international campaign that aims to force Ethiopia to stop the just war against this cancer TPLF group would be a big mistake…and, might I add, would only end in failure. No foreign power let alone a purposefully distorted claim such as yours can change the truth.


Weyraw Ergete


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