Al-Shabaab Attacks University on Kenya-Somalia Border: 147 Dead and 79 Wounded

April 2, 2015–Al-Shabaab gunmen stormed the Moi campus at Garissa University College near the border with Somalia killing 147 students and wounding at least 79 more. Four al-Shabaab terrorists were killed and one wads captured trying to flee the scene.
e69b6bbe-5b0f-43e0-bfa1-606764a75e41-620x372Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility for the attack and said that it is holding Christian students hostage.
There was an exchange of gunfire between the terrorists and the Kenyan police and military.
A student who witnessed the brutal attack is quoted as saying, “Some of us were still asleep in that midst of confusion, no one had an idea what was going on, screams from ladies and every person, it was evident everyone was running for their life.”
It was reported that some students ran the wrong way only to encounter the killers.
Students will be transported to their homes tomorrow. The bodies of those killed will be sent to Nairobi.
Both the British and Australian governments warned their citizens last week about travel in Kenya and suggested that intelligence indicated a possible attack.
Garissa Teachers Training College near the university said that there were warnings of an imminent attack. Some students saw strangers in the town suspected to be terrorists. On Tuesday, students were told to return home.
Authorities offered a reward for information leading to the arrest of a man called Mohamed Mohamud, believed to be linked to the attack.

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