Al Jazeera estimates losses in excess of $150 million

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Al Jazeera Media Network has submitted an official notification of dispute to the interim Egyptian government. The network says it is relying on a Bilateral Treaty signed between the country in which it is headquartered, Qatar, and Egypt as the basis for its decision.

Al Jazeera has estimated losses of more than $150 million. As per the Bilateral Treaty, if no amicable settlement between Al Jazeera and the Egyptian authorities has been reached within six months, Al Jazeera will take the case to international arbitration.

Al Jazeera has been subjected to a sustained campaign of harassment, intimidation and jamming of its transmission, with Egyptian security forces raiding its offices, shutting it down and confiscating its equipment in addition to attacking its reputation.

Four Al Jazeera staff members have been detained in Egyptian jails. Al Jazeera Arabic correspondent Abdullah ElShamy has been detained since August 2013, while Al Jazeera English correspondent Peter Greste has been detained since December 2013 with producers Baher Mohamed and Mohammed Fahmy.

For a timeline on the intimidation campaign against Al Jazeera in Egypt, please visit

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  1. Al jazzera between, SUNNI MUSLIMS -Vs- SHIAAT MUSLIMS

    AL JAAZERA is in serious trouble, while the ISLAM faction (Sunni MUSLIMS and Shiat Muslims) bombing killing each other.
    AL JAAZERA is being accused for biast toward SUNNI Muslims, while systematically minimizing and ignoring the Shiat Muslims and their struggle. While the war intensifies between these two Islamic wings, there will be more mistrust for Al jazzers and more fund decline to from the Shiaat side.

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