Al jazeera – Amhara region; not only the poorest in Ethiopia but the world

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Al jazeera – Amhara region; not only the poorest in Ethiopia but the world



  1. Amhara people even though they are one of the hard working people on earth working on their land for more than 12 hours a day Amahras have never been get help and access to basic infrastructures for hundreds of years, There has never been roads, industries and universities on this region since the period of Haile Sillasie and Derg, all these regimes have been focusing and transferring all the infrastructures and development to the south and Amhara people been intentionally left under developed by the regimes who ruled ethiopia and the Amahra elites are the stupid elites in the world who does not even see this for long
    as if their poverty and suffering is not enough TIGRES declared Amahras as rulers and beneficiaries of the regimes who ruled Ethiopia and TPLF Tigres, OLF, and Shabia are working systematically to eliminate Amharas from the face of the planet yet Amahra elites gave a blind eye for the danger hanging on their people

  2. Thank you for the nice presentation of this news about Ethiopia.
    Please keep up to voice for all supressesd people including my native Ethiopia and the whole Africa.

  3. tigry edagazen aykarm there is one day banagerchn shanben RKO ehadg l Amhara hzb ebakachu l zi mengst Mela enter twdkalh wsha mengest

  4. Amahara land is z most fertile with river flowing underneath. So why poor. Because the are fanatics, too religious not working. Fasting around z year.

  5. Are you waiting for intervention of a Devine to save Amharas from the Scrooge of the wayane thugs ? It is ridiculous and wish ful thinking to assume for woyanes to show mercy for Amharas by pray. the Amharas and that of the Ethiopian people use to have been praying for centuries to their God to deliver them from cruel and dictators of the derg and woyanes likes. To their disappointment the Devine whom referred as God flatly denied the prayer of these innocents . He rather Embolden the woyanes to escalate its killings in broad day light in which case sent a clear message that he is always support killers and looters .Not prayers . If you keep praying million times ; freedom never be achieved. We have to pay the cost, if one need his freedom .let leave the prayer to our fathers and grand fathers and disabled folks and the rest take up your machet.

  6. TPLF or EPRDF has accomplished its mission. Vilifying, blaming and isolating Amharas as a sole rules of centuries is always used as tools to stay in power and create divisions while developing and sending money to their ethnic place.
    Thank you Al-jazeera for bringing the dark hidden secret of the regime in Addis Ababa to light. Amharas have been victims of all rulers including the Derg and worse by EPRDF.
    Amharas officials are as well to take the blame for not making their priorities when others are always blaming Amharas for their short falls and put their ethnic body’s their priority.

  7. Amharas have always been complacent of TPLF’s and other ethnocentric motives and schemes. They never saw this backward, venomous and vicious thinking coming to sting them.
    They always saw themselves as Ethiopians first who live and work on equally earned rights and merits. They treat all Ethiopians as equal and compatriots. That is why they never concentrate on their ethnicity and developing their own territories while neglecting or harming others.
    If they were enclosed to themselves people they could have been the richest people in Ethiopia today. But they have to learn the bitter lesson and take care of each other.

  8. @habeshaw,you are talking what you don’t know.(these days what makes farmers busy is probably Eprdf meeting and confrence).
    @Esmael,it is true.i am one witness.i born and grew in these society.
    The problem is complicated,these people are abondoned for long.Governments,including kings,have been ignoring or using them to keep their power(during election time no one can imagin how they are dehumanized).most of them are iliterates.Most amhara young scholars are migrated to other regions and cities for better salary jobs and for better infrustructure.everything is hard to work there since the regional government is doing more of politics and fake paper report(having 5 students in class room,they report 30 students kind of reporting).moreover,Amhara iliets care much about Ethiopia not Amhara.


  10. z disgusting system made a disgrace action & trying to disparage the identity of the pride amhara people.the amhara elites are in fact jork&blockhead.#Alas

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