Africa’s Anti-Gay Movement Spreads to Ethiopia

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Rainbow+gay+rights+flagTwo groups in Ethiopia said Thursday that they will hold an anti-gay demonstration later this month, a move that puts Ethiopia in line to become the next African country to increase the public demonization of gays.

Although gay sex is already outlawed in Ethiopia, the rally set for April 26 comes as the parliament considers making homosexual acts ineligible for presidential pardons. New legislation in Uganda and Nigeria this year has increased penalties for homosexual acts in those two countries, sending many gays underground or out of the country.

The government-affiliated Addis Ababa Youth Forum and a religious group associated with the Ethiopian Orthodox Church told a news conference that an increasing rate of homosexual acts in the country has reached an alarming rate.

“Children are being raped by gay people in this country. Just yesterday we have met a woman whose boy was raped by two other men. All in all, gay acts are against health, the law, religion and our culture, so we should break the silence and create awareness about it,” said Dereje Negash, chairman of the church group, the Weyiniye Abune Tekelehaimanot Association.

The bill was sponsored by the Ministry of Justice and could be put to a vote this month. In Ethiopia, same-sex acts are punishable by up to 15 years in prison. A 25-year jail term is given to anyone convicted of infecting another person with HIV during same-sex acts.

Though the organizers said that there is no specific reason for the timing of the planned demonstration, a prominent blogger and gay activist said that gay-bashing rhetoric is likely to increase in the run-up to elections for parliament next year. Ezana Solomon said the anti-gay movement is trying to invade personal privacy under the banner of child protection.

“I refuse to be labeled a rapist, molester or an abuser since I have never committed those things ever. I think the logical or right thing to do is when I have committed those crimes, I should put to justice. This campaign is not justifiable under any circumstance,” Ezana said.

“If someone thinks my being gay is a sin, in my opinion the only thing you are allowed or should be allowed to do is to pray for me and your boundary ends there,” Ezana said.

The demonstration organizers said the protest will be held under the theme “Keeping alien culture and homosexuality at bay.” They said they hope to see thousands of residents and some senior government officials come to the protest.

“Gay practices are not our culture so we wanted the society to be aware of the danger and protect itself,” said Tsegaye Gebretsadik, chairman of the Addis Ababa Youth Forum.

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  1. i do not know if you can call this anti-gay movement. rather it is a movement to protect rule of nature that is set by God (roman chap 1). we have to protect our culture and religion and most of all our relationship with God. then again, if we are going to put away gays in our country, let us start from those who commite this disgusting act under the shadow of the government. i also should say, no need to be violent against gays, it is should be the act that we need to oppose.

  2. In my professional experience when I was in Homeland, I had a patient with MDD and Rectal prolapse on top of proctitise following gay-sex. He encountered such event while he was working in an Orphanage in A.A.after started to establish a friendship with a foreigners in the institution who came Addis for Humanitarian purpose. He was having suicidal and revenge /avenge ideation like another friend of him did . Generaly, LGBT marriage /sex is a very fathal behavior to our culture, socioeconomic arena, religions,and permutations of human beings. It should be condemned at large and can’t be left as ‘individual right ‘. We should fight against LGBT to save our children, citizens, beloved culture and religions and OUR ETHIOPIA!

  3. There are three different things going on simultaneously about this argument.

    1. Making Gay relationships acceptable world- wide as pushed by western donors.

    2. Ethiopian government who does not know how to handle this for understandable reasons.

    3. A coservative society is being intorduced to the unthinkable ( gay relationship)

    My personal take is, I have no doubt that there are people who are born gay, so it is not a Ferenji diease as we generally assume. Having said that, I do not like the way western donors and so called civil right movement try to push this into our throat. It just is not the right approach. The best way should be education and a slow process-just like how it is in the westrn world.

    2. Ethiopian govenment is stuck between a rock and a hard place on this one. No govenment official would come out and say this is acceptable in public but at the same time the UN develoment officers are watching them hawkishly- so instead they allow people to come and vent their anger, fear and frustration about this in public. This is cowardice because in doing so, they would endanger the safety of individual as mob justice would begin on anyone suspected of being gay.Therefore they should have the ball and tell western donor to slow down and find reasonable ground.

    3. Culture, religion, and scared Ethiopia …..are all nice concepts but having gay right does not mean these things are going to be changed. It may not be legal but it happens in secret and for millennia. We should not be mixing those who rape boys with being gay. Rape is rape and that is totally wrong and upmost crime, those who come to our county for that purpose should be hanged!!!.

    Those who abuse young valunereble boys are not doing it because they are gay but they do it becuase they are peadophiles-and peados can be gay just as they are hetrosexuals.

    At last,do not push camp behaviour in public claiming to be it is your right, The society has also got a right to maintain its conservative image and believes! So gay right yes but be discreet.

  4. Homosexuals are running wild raping young boys and children most of whom happen to be orphans and street children in the capital Addis. Needy and vulnerable children who live by begging on the streets are being taken away and groomed for sex by homosexuals. The society is decaying and rotting.

    who is to protect the innocent children who are without anybody to look after them and who are falling victims to homosexuals. The homosexuals say it is their human right to be homosexuals.

    we are in an age where the devil is now coming against society using human rights as a cover to destroy society.
    Sexual perversion, fornication, pornography , child abuse, sex tourism, bestiality, sex with animals etc is presented as a human rights issue by these perverts. where is it going to stop.

    Rise up and protect your society. this time they are raping small vulnerable boys and children next time they will be raping men walking alone in the street.

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