Africans in India living 'in fear' after killing: envoys

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Part-DEL-Del8400784-1-1-0 (1)New Delhi (AFP) – African nationals in the Indian capital live in a “pervading climate of fear and insecurity”, a group of African ambassadors has said, after the brutal murder of a Congolese teacher sparked allegations of racism.
The Group of African Heads of Mission said they may recommend their governments not to send students to India until safety conditions improve, following a string of what they say are unpunished racial attacks.
In the latest case, Masunda Kitada Oliver, from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, was allegedly bludgeoned to death in New Delhi on Friday night by three Indian men after an argument over an auto-rickshaw.
“Given the pervading climate of fear and insecurity in Delhi, the African Heads of Mission are left with little option than to consider recommending to their governments not to send new students to India, unless and until their safety can be guaranteed,” Alem Tsehage Woldemariam, Eritrean ambassador and dean of the group said in a statement Tuesday.
“Several attacks and harassment of Africans in India have gone unnoticed without diligent prosecution and conviction of perpetrators,” he said.
In an embarrassment for New Delhi, the envoys said they would not participate in Africa Day celebrations being organised by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations on Thursday.
They said the African community was in mourning over Oliver’s death and asked for the event to be postponed.
Oliver had completed his postgraduate study in India and was teaching at a private institute in the capital.
Police have arrested two of the three men accused in the attack but deny the murder was racially motivated.
India’s foreign ministry condemned the killing but said not every attack on an African national should be regarded as racist.
“Thousands of African students continue to pursue their education in India without any issues,” a foreign ministry spokesman said in a statement.
Junior minister V.K. Singh will meet mission heads and students to assure them of their safety, the spokesman said, without specifying a date.
In 2013, a Nigerian national was killed by a mob in western Goa state, with local politicians later comparing Africans to “cancer”.
Meanwhile in January, an Indian mob beat a Tanzanian woman and her male friends in Bangalore and set their car ablaze before dragging them off a bus, in an apparent revenge attack for an earlier road accident.
Delhi’s former law minister was also accused in 2014 of harassing African women after he led a vigilante mob through an area of the capital, accusing the women of being prostitutes.

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  1. Many Indians think and breathe the same air as their colonial masters the British do. The appalling cast system is a dreadful example of how many Indians are treated by their fellow citizens and government. Mob attack in India is common. No one intervenes. You could be killed for no reason especially if your skin is darker. But, I equate the Indian attack with the South African attack by South African blacks on their fellow brothers and sisters. You do not have to do anything wrong to be killed in the South Africa either. For no reason, Nigerians, Mozambicans, Ethiopian and others have been burned alive and hacked to death in a horrible way. Will the Indians and the South Africans do the same things to any other race? The answer is no! In South America, Asia, the Arab countries including the Sudan they harbor a twisted view of blacks in general. I’ll give you a true story from Kuwait. The Ethiopian woman who is working as a maid was falsely suspected of sleeping with her Madam’s husband. The woman was enraged with this fabricated story. She told her maid to come with her for shopping. Once they were done shopping the maid was busy putting the groceries in trunk of the car. Suddenly, the Madam backs her car and kills her. It was reported as an accident and the file was closed as such. The so called African embassies around the globe are worthless representative of their country mostly engaged in personal business related activities than doing any diplomatic work for their respective countries and people. At home, African governments do much harm on their own citizens than any other race on the planet. We are a persecuted race around the globe by people who hate our skin color and by the same people who share our own traits. There will not be any escape from these attacks unless we get united and fight off our tormentors without killing one another.

  2. There are several thousands of Indians living and working in the African continent as teachers, merchants and petty traders. African countries should deport Indians in retaliation for what they have done against our black brethren.

  3. Andeye is not a terorist but EPRDF/ TPLF is . look in Kersa woreda ; oromia region East hararge govrnment owned TERIORST doing seen as photo.

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