African coup Vs N. American coup

By Semaneh Jemere

For far too long Western democracies demonised Africa for repeated military coup d’états. We know the old adage, ‘when we point the finger at someone, three of them are pointed right back at us.’ The  N. American coup style is quite fitting to this statement than the one brewing 10,000 miles away in Africa.

A North America coup attempts to over throw a democratically elected government in the US and Canada. For example, on January 6, 2021, a mob of 2,000-2,500 supporters attacked Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. On January 28, 2022 over 500 truckers stormed into Canada’s Capital, Ottawa paralyzing the life of the city’s one million inhabitants.

Truckers protest against COVID-19 mandate and by extension request the Liberal government of PM Trudeau to leave office. Should the trucker’s coup succeed, we do not know who assumes power to lead a nation of 32 million. At least, in Africa we know organized group of army officers assume state power after a coup. Isn’t it true a known enemy is better than unknown enemy!

African coup ends by overthrowing their governments. Whereas the truckers aim at looting food from the homeless, vandalize business, block traffic, play hockey on city streets, block free movement of the city’s elderly citizens, disturb residents by honking all day long, abuse residents with racial slurs, wave swastika signs, dance on the tomb of the unknown soldiers, relive themselves on streets and pedestrian walkways and deface iconic statutes in the city. This is democracy going awry in the 21st century North America.

Truly speaking, such acts of violence are indeed unbecoming of Canadians who are known for their decency and tolerance. Simply put the actions of truckers are not the hallmarks of a democracy that Canadians nurtured for 150 years.

Events at Capitol building in DC and the protest actions of Canadian truckers in Ottawa seem to be heralding the dawn of a collapsing democracy. Let it be known that when democracy becomes limitless the end product is anarchy. Undoubtedly, we are witnessing that the N. American style coups attempts are  heralding the beginning of the end of Western democracy.

In the interest of protecting our hard-earned democracy as well as protecting the safety and security of Canadians, PM Trudeau must act sooner than later by ordering the army to get rid of the enemies of Canadian values enshrined in the body politics of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The more the truckers are allowed to continue for mere respect of their democratic rights, the country will pay a hefty price. The opportunity cost of negligence and indifference will eventually lead to the ousting of a democratically elected government. In the end Churchill’s prophecy of democracy being the worst form of government will be proven right.


Semaneh Jemere

February 4, 2022

Ottawa, Canada

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