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Africa no ‘science Sahara’: expert

500px-Sahara_satellite_hires‘First university in the world was set up in the African continent in 859 AD.’
Africa should de-colonise its educational system—from the kindergarten to the tertiary level—so as to enable it to fight euro-centrism in science and technology, professor at the Tshwanne University of Technology, South Africa, Mammo Muchie has said.
He was speaking on the topic ‘Euro-centrism to Universalism: Challenges for the Philosophy of Science’ at a programme organised by the Management Association of IMK and the Institute for Sustainable Development and Governance, here, on Tuesday.
The first university in the world was set up in the African continent in 859 AD. India too hosted one of the early universities of the world.
Only 200 years after this did Europe get a university. Africa, where humanity originated, should use its indigenous languages for the development of scientific knowledge. Colonial Europe would have the world believe that Africa is a ‘science Sahara.’ Nothing could be farther from the truth, he said.
There were advancements in mathematics, medicine, agriculture and astronomy in Africa that Western science chose not to acknowledge for a long time. In fact Lewis Wolpert in his book Unnatural Nature of Science called all non-Western sciences ‘primitive.’ But the fact was that there was carbon steel in Tanzania about 2,000 years ago.
Golden age
Then there was the golden age of Islamic science, Hindu science, Chinese science, and so on. Many centuries ago, Africa used binary logic that was similar to the one used by computer-based systems today, he said. If one had a sense of wonder, of curiosity, and a sense of scepticism then one could be a scientist.
It was hard to imagine that people in non-Western countries, over all these centuries, had neither the wonder nor the scepticism to make them scientifically minded.
In many countries, the ancients were also familiar with the path of mystical revelations distinct from logical findings, he added.
Source -thehindu.com

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