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AESAONE President quits his role

From: “Aklilu>
Date: Jun 18, 2014 2:20 PM
Subject: Goodbye
To “Bisrat Meskel”
To my Aesaone family:
I wanted to say goodbye to all of you; I sent my resignation letter to our Chairman earlier today.  My goal in this organization had been to institutionalize transparency, accountability, honesty and professional discourse. I have fought all year to get these things in place.  However, as the underneath response to my latest request for transparency indicates I have failed to achieve my goal.  I will not detail all my concerns here; I have already shared them with the Chairman privately.  I hope he will make the necessary corrections.  For me however, this is the end of the road.  I do not want to be President nor do I want any part at all.
Some of you may wonder why I waited so long to disassociate myself if I had such strong concerns. The answer to that is the fact that I had already resigned in March but only returned because I was promised major changes promptly.  Unfortunately, the promised changes never came. I waited, waited and waited but now I can wait no more. Effective immediately I want any mention of my name to be taken off from Aesaone web-site, Facebook page or any other communication.
I wish you all Godspeed as I join the 2 other “new young leaders” that left before me into early retirement. That makes me the third of the original 4 “new leaders” to leave Aesaone in less than a year.
Aklilu Gidey

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  1. Kkkkkkkk,this ediots weyane and alamudin thugs are all leaving Aesa one fake federation after thier failed attempt of dividing and destroying esfna which is found and supported by Ethiopians for 31 years.now this ediot aklilu gedey who is probabely a weyane is trying to tell us he fought the good fight meaning may be begging money from alamudin and when they failed to do so here they are again to cheat Ethiopians as if we don’t know who alamudin and weyane is.long live esfna .god bless Ethiopia .mote leweyane enna bandawoch.

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