Admas News: An Ethiopian girl killed by A Nigerian man – Atlanta

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It happens last night, May 2 in the place she live with. An Ethiopian girl , Betty Sinshaw died of a gun shot by her room mate and apparently, her Boy Friend – A Nigerian man. The man also killed himself.

Betty was 28 years old and a mother of an 8 years old Son. A funeral arrangement is still not decided yet. The family, though, needs your support to cover the cost. She lost her mom for Cancer last year and her dad few years back. Please help if you can. Her families address is 3204 Sunrise village Apt. E, Norcross, Ga 30093. If you want to call them, please inbox us for the phone number….
This is not a good week for Ethiopians in Atlanta, as another Ethiopian man, Feyessa Tadesse, took his life yesterday. He also has no families here. R.I.P both.

Source: Admass Radio Atlanta


    • It is tragic. Two people who live and love each other are now dead for not yet unknown reason. Sayint, please check with the state of your mental health.

    • @ Sayint Bamegemerye endezeh ayaebalem mekeneyatu esa yanene negar yaderagachew mine ayenet cheger lay endenaberch anawekem. selezehe yehenen asestsasasebeshn asetakakei. betam belegena new.

    • I think your comment is inappropriate. She is already gone and remember that she is a mother ,a sister, daughter and it is disrespectful to the dead and the living. You don’t know her probably and passing judgment against the dead is says more about who you are. Very sad how Ethiopians have lost self respect!

    • @ sayint you know what makes it so sad? some stupid pepole like you cant even know to say RIP …they just talk shit like u did…trust me u need medication……..cant belive u habesha….asedabi neh

    • @sayint first of all u need to check ur self before u judge some one have some sympathy. Ur such cold no heart. U think u know? It doesn’t matter who she was with they both lots they life. No one knows what put him in this position.

    • I take it u are Ethiopian. An African person degrading another fellow African like u did, well, u should be ashamed of ur self because u degraded all of us including u.

  1. Our timeless Ethiopian proverb goes like this, I quote-

    “When you play with donkey, do not cry when you get kicked”.

  2. Hey racists what are you trying to say? you are the most violent and abusive men to your women why is his race is the issue here? Especially from your sort of people.

    • It is a shame…we know nijas.they r criminal mind and do all sort of illegal stuff.she decided to mess with them.which is her choise and she got killed. She got what she asked for!; you naive stupid womenchose u r men well b4 moving in.who doesn’t know about this ugly arrogant criminal west Africans!alarfe yalech Tate new yembalew….

  3. Betam yasazinal @ Demeke and sayint minem bihon ethiopiawi ehitachin nat bememtotua linazin yigebal enji endzi eyalen linashkaka anchililem. Allah yimarish betty.

  4. The Habesaha, you are being impartial. It is ok for you to post racist comments by Demeke and Sayint but you blocked my comment which says about violence in Ethiopian community.

    I write again. Violence is preveleance in Ethiopian community. We have witnessed several murders often instigated by Ethiopian men but not once you attack his nationality. Violent men come in all colors and nationalisties. It is not the preseve of anyone dark skinned. We need to get out of this stupid mentality.

    Sad that this poor girl is killed by her boyfriend, comment on his nationality is irrelevant, again because Naigerian men are not any more violent that Ethopian men! get off your high horse and tacle the issue not the race!

  5. sayint, are you a human being or animal living with this though, in century? I assume you are a jungle animal that you may look for some kind of zoo to train you how to think like a person (before too late, going to be danger for people.) First of all it is sad young lady lost her life, second, who are you to judge about situation like this. Just for your information: all white and yellow skin color people call you also same word as you used to call the man. Please learn, color has nothing to do with people’s character “Mis. whatever color!’ Your are a good example for not being that color you hate but for being big time MORON. Please, be civilized!

  6. Sayent, you made big mistake, first you have to believe human being is equal. she has right to live what ever. Do not forget this is America. please ,think before speak. Thank you brother.

  7. That was my first love I can’t understand wat fuck for Betty don’t now my prayers with your family Ur angle mighty be with you

  8. It is a shame…we know nijas.they r criminal mind and do all sort of illegal stuff.she decided to mess with them.which is her choise and she got killed. She got what she asked for!; you naive stupid womenchose u r men well b4 moving in.who doesn’t know about this ugly arrogant criminal west Africans!alarfe yalech Tate new yembalew….

  9. Z ere asedabe!what a hell are u talking about modern society? Crap if being modern or civilizd is openin ur damn legs cos:, there is easy money and hard Dick…for anija go ahead u ain’t better than the dead one!shame on habesha set och!civilization ain’t opining ur legs but helping ur poor people back home idiots!

  10. I cannot believe my eyes! Two people are tragically dead and some morons are criticizing and questioning the race of them? What is the point of that? Racist generalizations are hurtful at the best of times, and here we have a sad event that occured, one which we don;t understand, and so we say hurtful things regarding their country of birth and somehow equate their nationality to mean they were a specific sort of person. WOW! Have you no respect at all? Are you that uneducated, and close minded; or are you just a moron? Sadly, there is stupidity in every country, and we all make mistakes. Get a grip.

  11. leme,I take it you are a man right? relax, You don’t own anyone’s pussy. What is your business who women open their legs for? Do they question you where you dip your bit???????

    So where were you when the likes of you kill so many of their fellow country girl and every so often too,or murder by your country man is ok?

    No wonder so many Ethiopian women decide to mary outside? Afterall even in America, Ethiopian women don’t want you.

    They have enough of your sort of ignorant misoginists good for nothings telling them what to do. As for helping for those back home again, you help who you want, don’t tell anyone to help anybody. There is no woman who carries heavier responsibility than Ethiopian women.Stop talking bull and giving lists

    • I am an American who knew Betelhem very well. Her untimely passing is nothing short the deepest sadness that I have ever experienced. This young mother was taken from us in the prime of her life. This is the first of many mother Mothers Days, that her son will have endure without her. Betelhem has been reunited with her mother in heaven. There is joy in that fact. Lesson to be learned from all this, be kind and love your brothers and sisters.

  12. Hey, boneheads, why the hell would you post the Family’s mailing address on line? Don’t you know anything about privacy?

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