Adeola Fayehun: Is Andargachew Tsige A Terrorist? (Video)

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Adeola Fayehun: Is Andargachew Tsige A Terrorist?

Adeola Fayehun: Is Andargachew Tsige A Terrorist? (Video)


  1. Areola you are Truely an African hero got the courage to speak on behalf the oppressed Ethiopian by Tigre minority led Minority regime
    You would not even believe the type of segregation and discrimination we Ethiopians are facing under the Minority Tigres
    Tigres controlled and dominated every sector from the economy, social, political military and when we complain they call and label us as the enemy of Tigre to silence us
    Ethiopians will remember you as you put it last time if Andargachew was white the British government would work hard for his release they left him suffer and die for he is black british

  2. whats you on about have you ever been in ethiopia u seem like one of dam bain washed, not very smart one-sided

  3. Nigerians are world famous for corruption. This ouchy face must have been at the receiving end of an illicit money transfer. She seems to be enjoying it.

  4. what an idiot journalist who believes what is written on the internet is the only truth. Don’t you think that being fair is the core principle of journalism? Did you really go to journalism school?

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