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Press Release: AHRE- Addressing another wave of ethnic violence in Ethiopia

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AHRE Press Release

Association for Human Rights in Ethiopia (AHRE) writes to bring to your attention that another wave of ethnic violence is hitting Ethiopia, this time reportedly in Illu Aba Bora (Illibabur) and Jima zones of the Oromia regional state, and has claimed lives of unconfirmed number of lives. Sources say that the incident in Illu Aba Bora originally started during anti-government demonstrations and later turned into an attack against civilians, many of whom Amharas. Properties of Amharas were also burnt, and many fled to nearby forest and churches for refuge, according to media reports. They have reported that they are in grave danger and in need of urgent intervention from responsible bodies. Ethnic Amharas and Tigreans were largely relocated in different parts of Southern Ethiopia following the 1984 famine that hit the country.

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  1. The conflict in Illu Aba Bora is insighted by tplf/woyane and their servants the OPDO. Illu Aba Bora has been the most unique region in the country where others specially th Oromos, Amharas and other ethnic groups have been living peacefully for hundreds of years, attached to each other, integrated through mariage, adaption, and other cultural aspects.

    The people of Illu Aba Bora respects, loves and live with others. There has never been any kind of conflict there. The people of Illu is the most generous and kind people.

    Now the bloody bandas and their servants creat hate among Amhara and Oromos to stay in power.

    Therefore the People of Illu must abstain from atrocities, instead turn their weapons on the bandas and their servants. This great people must not commit this horrible crimes. The woyane/tplf/opdo shall be responsible for genocide, ethnic cleansing, they shall neber be free from responsibility. Therefore The Illu People should not commit the same as the bandas and shumabashis…

  2. To All Oromo mediaorganizations and Activists,
    Please inform the Great People of Illu Aba Bora, that they belong to the Black Lion Patriotic Fronts which diffited the Italians and shumbashis. Terefore they should not destroy their good neighbourhood and friendship with whom they have been living for centuries. Stop killing Amharas. You shall never be free alone. The tplf/woyane bandas will destroy you before they get wiped. Keep on your good friendship with the Amharas.

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