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Addis Standard stops publication amid state of emergency

(AP) ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia – Ethiopia’s best-selling magazine says it is terminating its print edition because the state of emergency the government imposed this month is making regular publication “impossible.”

The Addis Standard said Tuesday it has become increasingly difficult to operate during the state of emergency, which has restricted some rights and given security forces the power to detain suspects without court orders.
The magazine announced the news “with a sense of unease” on Facebook but hinted that it will continue posting articles on its website.
The Addis Standard recently published a series of articles criticizing Ethiopia’s government for its handling of the Oromo protests that began in November 2015. The anti-government protests have widened to other regions.
The Committee to Protect Journalists calls Ethiopia one of the world’s 10 “most censored countries.”

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  1. This does not surprise me a bit. The iron curtain redux has descended on that unfortunate country. I am not surprised because of the fact that there has not been a single, not one, armed rebellion that turned out to be democratic or tolerant to critiques after it came to power by violent means in the last 240 years. That is since the American Revolution. George and his rebel friends are the only ones that woke up to it and left such a gem of the rights of the individual for all of us to bask in it. I thought the Sandinistas of Nicaragua were heading in the paths of democratic governance but lately I see things going in the other direction. But I am still on a wait-and-see mood about these former committed leftist thugs. You see. Marxism-Leninism is such a horrible affliction that there is no medicine that can expunge it out of your system. The entire leaders of EPRDF used to raise the name of The Almighty in vain the whole time during their days in the bushes. Wasn’t there an outfit used to be called Marxist-Leninist League Tigray? Or did I just make it up? Huhhh?!!!! They dropped that philosophical attire only when civil servant and good man Cohen held them by their schwanz and told them drop it or no aid. To me Marxism Leninism is not just a conviction but rather a mental sickness no shrink can identify the correct therapy for. It is a terminal mental sickness. That means beyond repair. It may seem to go away but it will come back to convulse you as an all out Zar possession. What a sickness Sebhat!!! What a sickness Debretsion!! What a sickness EPRDF!!! And while I am at it what a sickness Ibsa!!!!

    The same zar possession goes for Berhanu Nega and all those who are hooked to the gun powder smell, having a fit and the mother of all temper tantrum to send that country into destructive chaos never happened in its history.

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