Addis Ababa International Movement (AIM) Launch

Addis Ababa International Movement (AIM) Launch
This is a statement of establishment of the Addis Ababa International Movement (AIM). AIM firmly believes that Addis Ababa belongs to all and every citizen of Ethiopia. To that effect, it will work in organizing and supporting movements that will address the social, political, and economic rights of Addis Ababa residents.
Addis Ababa has been serving as the political and economic capital of Ethiopia for more than a century. Throughout the century, it has hosted a multitude of identities from all corners and merged those into an overarching unique character with a common destiny creating a melting pot that respects humanity, togetherness, and friendship without the limitations of ethnicity and religion.

However, EPRDF’s constitution with its language based Ethnic Federalism, completely ignores the multi-ethnic and cosmopolitan nature of Addis Ababa. It lacks coherent and legitimate ideological underpinning to administer the city and her people. It is a well-known fact that, the ruling party, TPLF/EPRDF has long denied the plular identity of Addis Ababa and reduced her administration to a matter of ethnic political calculus and her fate at the hands of ethnonationalists. Due to this constitutional betrayal, Addis Ababa can not decide anything of consequence by herself. Her residents have lost their democratic rights and have been denied ownership of their city. Official appointees are beholden to the party and not to the people.
Moreover, ethnonationalists have been waging war by labeling Addis Ababa residents as settlers. This has marginalized them from fully exercising their democratic rights as citizens.
The solution to remedy the disenfranchisement is to organize. This is why we have established Addis Ababa International Movement (AIM). Its main objectives are: to work on true representation of the interests of its residents socially, politically and economically; to reaffirm that Addis Ababa belongs to all Ethiopians and not any one specific group; organize intellectuals to research on various fields and make available their works to the public; to provide intellectual and moral backing to groups working on values that align with AIM.
Currently, AIM has about 2000 registered members worldwide. We call upon all Ethiopians to register as members and help the movement.
For additional information about Addis Ababa International Movement (AIM), please use the following emails depending on the chapters closest to your residence.

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Addis Ababa International Movement (AIM)


  1. “Throughout the century, it [Addis Abeba] has hosted a multitude of identities from all corners and merged those into an overarching unique character with a common destiny creating a melting pot that respects humanity, togetherness, and friendship without the limitations of ethnicity and religion.”

    The Oromo, indigenous to the locality, were evicted, exiled or otherwise killed of, and the identity, language and culture of the rest have been erased, to establish a colonial garrison city where Abyssinian (Amhara-Tigrai orthodox)culture amalgamated with western decadency has prevailed.

    Like a malignant cancer, the city has been expanding uncontrollably into Oromian countryside since, thereby evicting millions of indigenous Oromo farmers off their land without consideration of alternative livelyhood, thus pushing them into internal exile, destitution and death, a clear case of genocide! FOR WHOSE RIGHTS ARE YOU ADVOCATING THEN??

    Since its founding, 60% of the national resources are expended to develop Addis each year, and you get fat at the expense of the rest of the country. It is time the seat of the federal government is moved out of Addis, its budget cut to size, the land be reallocated to the original owners and those squatting on the land made to pay rent! Then you can have your RIGHTS as normal citizens. We have got enough of your fart!

  2. Abba Caala, you are just spouting what your farher of evil Meles Zenawi told you to rule over you, you fool. Ethiopians , Amharas, Oromos, Gurages, Hadiyas, etc have lived in that area for centuries. Of course with all the wealth and the buildings, we know it is easy to wish to loot this through some made up theory. Unfortunately you are like the hyena on whom day light is dawning. We don’t need anything to see your kind disapear in the multitude. You will just be overwhelmed and in time be like everyone else, an Ethiopian, just like its millions of children, a little bit confused due to Meles ZenawI, but still Ethiopia’s child unless you engage in violence, in which case you will be hunted and due punishment under the law meted on you.

  3. It is nice that you came out with a group which will take all sorts of responsibilities whenever problems take place in the name of the residents of Finfinne. The hooligans and mafia groups in Finfinne will going to have some individuals who will take responsibilities for their misbehaviors. For any sorts of chaos and destructions you are going take full responsibilities. Therefore be cautious what ever you will plan and do. No more business as usual!

    Such ideas came for sure from some stone minds like Girma Kassa, Eskinder Nega, the arogant and rude Berhanu Nega, Girma Seifu, Ermias Legesse (the chameleon) and c. They may try everything under the sky to fulfill their political ambitions. But it is futile. Now we are in the era of Qerroo. There is no more Finfinne which you used to gallop as it pleased you. Besides that Finfinne is not an island which can stands by itself. It depends in all aspects of life on Oromia.

    Don’t dream unrealistic wishes! You cannot change certain natural things. For example, you should have to accept the reality that Finfinne is an integral part of Oromia. No miracle will change this reality. All the residents of Finfinne have to even prepare themselves, in order to pay compensation for the uprooted Oromo from Finfinne in the last 130 years.

    The Ethiopian peoples have been suffering from man-made political syndrome of a century old which was created by greedy politicians all the times so far. All these politicians have never cared about collective and individual rights. That is why we are still struggling against all sorts of odd ideologies, mentalities and thinking. The century old struggles of the peoples in Ethiopia have produced most of the political organizations like TPLF, OLF, ONLF, SLF and EPLF. No one of them were created by default or by accident.

    The current ethnic federal structure of Ethiopia is the political arrangements which were mainly constructed and promoted by the beloved Oromo intellectuals and OLF leaders like Gelassa Dilbo, Lenchoo Lataa, Dima Nagawo and others. The TPLF has accepted it by making few modification. The TPLF tried to implement it at least nominally after banning the OLF, in order to win the hearts of the Oromo nation. Therefore, the main shareholder of this federal arrangement is the OLF, the freedom fighter. Accusing the TPLF in regard of the federal structure is unfair. The TPLF must be accused for shortcomings of the implementation and wrong boundaries. Thus, this federal structure was not implemented at the free will of the TPLF. It is a fruit of the century old bitter struggles of the Oromo nation and other subjugated nations. Consequently, accepting these federal arrangements is a must for all stockholders. The political merchants like Ginbot 7 make only noises temporarily which will not last long. Watch out!

  4. Athuogh the oromos are part and parcel of Ethiopia just like southern nationalities, not Addis Ababa even the whole area of Shewa, Harerghe, to suth Sidama, Gamo, Wlayita, kulo,Enaria( now Wellega ) etc. were under the administrative operation of the Christian kingdom. They stared the migration before 1500 A,D. in small group. later by Meldah Luba, in 1522, moved across Wabi aand genalle rivers to the ancient Bali. SO, used bow and arrow and spears until they learn from abyssinians the use of horse fighting in the 16th century.
    Menelik II was consolidating the the early regions under the christian kingdom.
    Therefore, oromos came late after the ownership of christian kingdom.
    It was found stated some weeks ago ,it was called Berara, too, next to Yerer, Entoto, Wechacga, furi,etc,as the kings various capital settlements as war strategy to fight with Muslim warriors. Addis Abava is also part and pacel of Entoto capital.

  5. Let the help of God be with AIM .God is the God of Unity.I am sute your vision will be succesful.

  6. Hello Ethiopian Brothers and sisters, it is really great to see you all here debating about the future of our country. May peace be up on you all and may God bless our country.

    Dear Ethiopians; the first thing we should know is that, life is too short and we are all definitely going to pass away very soon. But, everything we do and every words we just spit out of our mouth is going to be remembered from generation to generation and kept as a history.

    Dear all; we know that our past history of living together was not something that we should be proud of because the truth indicate that we were all trying to eliminate each other to be the superior. this was only a history and it was all done in the past.Here the question is; are we going to repeat the deeds our ancestors did or we are going to make a different history that goes with to days world of globalization?

    In my opinion, instead of just arguing and insulting each other, let’s this as a good opportunity to brainstorm on how the country could be a home for all Citizens and let’s make a history. I personally believe that there are good people out there with a better idea. so, please stop spiting bad words and let’s ask our self ….”what’s really best for Ethiopia?”
    Bless you all!!!

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