Addis Ababa City Administration to transfer over 21,000 illegally held condominium houses in a lottery draw

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The Addis Ababa City Administration has decided to transfer the over 21,000 illegally held condominium houses to the rightful beneficiaries in a lottery draw.

The city administration recently recovered 21, 695 condominium houses which were distributed in fraud to people who were not on the waiting list.

The administration further decided to sell the other 322 owner-less buildings which were recovered by the new administration of the city.

Briefing journalists on Friday, Service Delivery Department Coordinator with rank of Deputy Mayor of Adis Ababa City Jantirar Abay said those officials who were involved in such injustice will be held accountable. Video:

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  1. Adanech Abebe’s administration is known for it’s corrupt practices . Demography change had been rampant since PM Abiy Ahmed came to power.

    PM Abiy Ahmed got no moral record , thrust or authority to carry out the selling of the 322 buildings. The fate of these buildings can only be decided by a democratically elected government of Addis Ababa not by some government who hands out the multiple ID cards multiple times to the same individuals. Currently we got the same people registering to vote in their political parties with multiple names to vote multiple times which shows how the democratisation process is already suffering because of the Takele Uma , Adanech Abebe and Abiy Ahmed’s conspiracy.

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