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Acknowledging first Ethiopian female flight captain


Eduardo Byrono
Capten Amesal Gualu

Just to remind you in advance that Captain Amesal Gualu who is seen in the image is not the first female pilot in Ethiopian history at all.

….. However the two unforgettable female pioneers of the distant generation, Weyzero Mulu’emebet Emeru in the early 1920s and Weyzero Aesgdech Asefawe in the late 1950s both of this historical pilots had remarkably took an aircraft from the ground then bravely hovered over thesky of history, in their respected era long before the coming of the mentioned pretty polished air lady.

Even though Captain Amesal Gualu of Baher’Dare is not the first female pilot to fly above the air but she is the first female ever to be promoted to the rank of Ethiopian airlines flight captain in Ethiopian history.
After crossing numerous adversity and challenges toward her childhood dream of receiving such honorable place in history, the humble journey of captain Amesal has clearly indicated that even though no success comes easy but faith with hard work always leads to achievement.
The beautiful Air lady can also serve as a leading example to everyone out there and a roll model to millions of girls who are some where trying hard to make a change in all fields.
On the other hand, she is one of the brightest signs which enlightens that the glory of Ethiopia is yet to come. So, welcome aboard.


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