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Abiy Ahmed (Phd) becomes EPRDF chairman

Ethiopia’s ruling coalition, EPRDF, elects Abiy Ahmed as the new chairman of the Front, according to the national broadaster, EBC.
The election of Dr. Abiy Ahmed as chairman of the Front will by default make him the Prime Minister.

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  1. He can not even speak proper amharic. English in amharic? Negative energy? Branding, rational, molecule? blessing ? EPRDF is dead .

  2. Praise God and congratulation HE Dr Aiy Ahmed and EPRDF for you being the Prime minster of Ethiopia at this critical time.
    I and my family pray you that God gives you wisdom to lead our native Ethiopia in to peace and harmony with the necessary reconciliation as people of diversity in great mix as you mentioned with such a great wisdom of SEGRGNA Teff our national grain.As diaspora native of beloved Ethiopia ,I continue along with my community to be part of every reconstruction of our beloved Ethiopia.
    Chaplain Eddie Habte mekasha

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