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Abiy Ahmed and his Prosperity Party is bad news for Ethiopia

2 thoughts on “Abiy Ahmed and his Prosperity Party is bad news for Ethiopia”

  1. Once this peace agreement starts moving in the right and agreed position with all its disarmament and resumptions of public services there should not be any talk making oneself a winner over the other. The suffering citizens are the sole winners. With peace firmly in place they can go back to their places of work without any fears and any sound of the deadly guns. Let’s all forgive each other and be mongers of peace and stability. Insha’Allah!!!!
    Finally if this meeting fails to come up with the next detailed plan and everyone goes back to the old repugnant habit of death and destruction, I will be holding these two military commanders responsible for every bloody fracas that follows. What they have done with this unprecedented meeting can send them to the hall of shame for eternity or put them with other legends in the hall of fame of that gem of the colored and humanity. Let’s go guys!!!!!

  2. Winners: 1. Abiy/PP; 2. TPLF ; 3. Western handlers of 1. and 2.; 4. OLF
    Losers. 1. People of Tigray; 2. People of Ethiopia ; 3. Eritrean Government; 4. Amhara ; 5. Afar

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