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Abebe Gallaw’s declaration

Hey dear people, Ethiopians in particular, and humanity in general:
abebe Gelaw
Without a shadow of a doubt, the whole world knows that the Ethiopian Human Rights Activist, Abebe Gallaw, means what he says. In 2012 he said he would send Meles Zenawi the terrorist and traitor to hell, and in deed, he shot Meles Zenawi with 3 bullets in the Reagan Building in Washington, D.C., in front of all the leaders of the world including President Barrack Obama. This year in 2014, Abebe Gallaw roared like an angry lion once again and interrupted the speech of President Barrack Obama demanding that Obama must support the Ethiopian people who are struggling to bring about a true Democracy, Justice, and Freedom, by sending the TPLFs terrorist groups to hell.

From the experience of 2012, knowing very well that Abebe Gallaw means what he says, President Barrack Obama responded to his demand by saying, “Yes, I agree with you. I love you, too.”

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As a result of the abduction of the Freedom fighter, Andargachew Tsige, by the Woyane’s and Yemeni’s terrorist groups, Abebe Gallaw declared that he is ready to send the Woyane terrorist groups to hell. Abebe means what he says. The whole world knows about that. President Barrack Obama knows about that. The Woyane terrorist regime also knows about that very well. Abebe Gallaw means what he says. Truly, Woyanes are now in a very deep shit, and on their way to hell.

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Please click on the web link below, and see Abebe Gallaw’s declaration to send the Woyanes to hell:


  1. Let us not waste our time by being “talkative”, what we need is action not some useless talk talk talk.


    We talked talk talked for the past 20 plus years, Being talkative will not help out case. What we need is actions, not some useless empty talkativeness.

  3. Woyane laughing at our chimp style politics, because the only thing we the opposition do is scream like chimpanzee and nothing else.

    • Abebe ! Ur interest is always after the idea of historical enemy of Ethiopia. The main ajenda of our enemies is just to see civil war in our country just to wast our resources on war. Ur sponcers ultimat aim is not to see any promesing project like Ranaissance dam that enable our people many steps forward . U aggetate even people not contribute for the dam. Since u r weak to see the contribution of the dam for further development to our country. I can guess ur origin. Ur group interest is after old regiem. Even u want to fence out the Tigrian people from the rest of people. This shows how ur party is backward and power monger. I am 100% sure that u stand for the interest of Egypt and Eritrea. Good examples are Birhanu Nega and Andargachew. Now one can change the existing poletical line since the opressed nation by the old poletician have started self administration and became alert not to go back.

  4. I’m happy by Abebe’s decision to join G7 I felt sad by Andargachew’s situation but Abebe lifted my spirit I know both are braves true sons of mother Ethiopia who stand bravely against the minority TPLF/WYANE ethnic apartheid system. I know Abebe will work effectively he used only his brave voice like a lion with out fighting and he sent the hateful tribalist thief liar Meles for goo to hell! I love to hear Abebe’s voice when I turned on ESAT Radio always I say what a powerful voice with truth and bravery. I know Abebe is very smart organized brave and very articulate person so he will be additional driving force to fasten the burial of TPLF hateful organization.

  5. Like wise Abebe is one of the opposition group whose bread basket is dependent on the collection of money from the diaspora through the fund raising firm ESAT. The worst part of this group, am saying G7 doesn’t have a leader that posses a real leader calibre, Guys like berhanu, they talk rather than listening. Fat liers, not even say a word about what they achieved so far to their emotional supporters except calling funny demonstration. They are good in organizing meeting, the ultimate goal of which is collecting money. Sooner or later the goober diaspora will take them to court for allegedly inciting tribal lines agitation and misappropriation of funds. Sorry for the innocent Andargachew and others who are pushed to the frontline while the majority sips coffee and gossip in restaurants.

    • Gunbot 7! Ur secret office is in Eritea under close supervision of Esayasg. U know the fleeling of any Ethiopian about Eritrea, how do u dare to open ur office in Asmara unless u promise for Esayas to fulfile his interest. U always cry that Ethiopia became landlock due to Meles. Have u discussed about Assab just to be an Ethiopian after ur war against EPRDF is over according to ur program.

  6. Meles died because of long time illeness not because of Abebe’s silly words. We all know Meles Didn’t afraid even the heavily armed Derg militarty junta. Keep on you monkey business by opening your mouth here and there and continue Milking the poor Diaspora. That is your end and your target. poletics based on hatred and misleading the innocent diasporas will not take G7 and ESAT any were.

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