Abbay Media is Back!

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Dear Fellow Ethiopians

After an absence of nearly 2 years, we are happy to inform you that Abbay Media has now resumed its service. Abbay Media believes you the public deserve an explanation why our service was interrupted for such long period of time.

Abbay Media was launched in 2007 after fully recognizing the crucial role of such a media, by making available factual information and archiving it for the public, in a way of contributing to the effort of finding a solution to the muti facets problems of our country Ethiopia.

Two years after successfully running Abbay Media, Abbay Media’s editor saw an opportunity of establishing and transmitting an independent television directly to Ethiopia.

Understanding the tremendous impact, which an independent Television transmitting direct to Ethiopia could bring to our society, Abbay Media’s editor decided to fully focus on making this dream a reality, which will help us break the cycle of dictatorship, with a full vision and belief that we, Ethiopians in the Diaspora could and should put our collective effort together and establish our own first free media institution.

After a 6 months extensive research with two other Ethiopian friends, we reached to the conclusion that, YES! We, Ethiopians can start, and run a successful television station. It took an additional 8 months for the prelaunch preparation, which Abbay Media’s editor played a leading role. Amongst the many contributions Abbay Media’s editor is proud to have named this historic free media ‘Ethiopian Satellite Television – ESAT’ and designed its logo.

Abbay Media’s editor moved to Amsterdam for a period of 3 months, to manage the successful establishment of the first ESAT studio. Together with the effort and sacrifice of many patriotic Ethiopians, ESAT successfully transmitted it first broadcast to Ethiopia on the 8th April 2010.

Abbay Media’s Editor then traveled back to London and managed the establishment of the ESAT London Studio. The ESAT Washington DC Studio was established with the help of local Ethiopians.

Together with a great patriotic team, the Board, the Management, the Journalists, the Presenters, the Technicians and most importantly the International Supporters, Abbay Media’s editor worked day and night to ensure the continuity and viability of ESAT, hence the reason for Abbay Media website absence for the last two years.

After realizing his vision of establishing a truly Ethiopian and most importantly free media institution, which provides a platform for members of the Ethiopian Free press who had being prosecuted by the TPLF’s Dictatorial regime to freely practice their profession in their own country, Abbay Media’s editor is now back to carry on the mission of Abbay Media, as ‘the Ethiopian Information Bank’. (

We have redesigned our website which now incorporate various modern features. To enable the growing user of smart phones (Iphone) and tablets (IPad), Abbay Media is now the first Ethiopian news site to be optimized for smart phone and I-Pad, which will enable our visitors easy surfing experience when using their modern gadgets. You can Experience it right now by visiting our site using your modern devices.

Abbay Media will have important News, Articles, new materials in Amharic and English, , Videos, Events …etc on anything related to Ethiopia on a daily basis.

We kindly ask you to regularly visit us as one of your daily choice of Ethiopian Website.

Please do inform others that we are now back.

Abbay Media Editor
Groum Yilma

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