AAU says it is working to be a leading center of excellence in Africa

AAU says it is working to be a leading center of excellence in Africa
addis_ababa_universityAddis Ababa University is the premiere higher learning institution in the country. Currently having 50 thousand students as well as 6000 acadamical and supporting staffs in to its 14 campuses,10 collehges,10 research and academic instituts,12 centers and two hospitals, nine schools and 55 department is the largest university in the country.
According to the president Admasu Tsegaye(PhD) AAU is one of The leading institution even in the continent next to some South African and Egyptian Universities.
On Friday while giving press briefing on current affairs the university announce that beside academics it is intensively working in research, development and publication, in science and technology transfer to achieve its goal to be the leading center of excellence in Africa.
The president Admasu Tsegaye(PhD) speak s his university is on the right track in terms of both academic and academic related works. He said to maintain educational quality with accessibility starting from infrastructural and human capacity building we are adapting new and modern academic approaches
The university’s academic freedom and the adoption of conducive working environment led in to the effectiveness of its academic and academic related works. Recently the university is raised by terminating a well renowned doctors and teachers contract.
It is repeatedly said that it fires famous lecturers who have thought in the university for long time. On the press briefing when the president Tsegaye was asked he said that this is mainly because the university have reached on a capacity that it can led its academic program by its own staff teachers rather than the contract lecturers. 

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