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A Tribute to Judge Birtukan Mideksa

Judge Birtukan Mideksa is the vice chairperson of Kinijit. She has served as a judge in Ethiopia. During her judgeship she has shown courage and integrity by ruling the ex-defense Minister of Ethiopia and a strong foe of Prime Minister Meles zenawi to be free.

Ato Siye Abraham is a well respected person among the rank and files of the TPLF fighters. Many give him credit for the sweet and heroic victory of Ethiopia over the devilish regime of Ato Issayas Afeworki.

Ato Siye is seen as a hero by many Ethiopians from Tigray. The vice chairperson of Kinijit has protected the right and dignity of the man respected and loved by the majority of Tigryans. (This by itself is one solid proof that the leadership of KINIJIT is friend of Ethiopians from Tigray contrary to the big lies of the TPLF cadres)

Judge Birtukan has tried to teach Prime Minister Meles Zenawi and his cadres the rule of law. What a courage !!!!

On top of this , vice chairwoman Birtukan Mideksa has been consistently showing courage and leadership from kaliti prison.

Many of us are calling her “Dagmawit Taitu”. Dr Getachew Abera wrote the following in response to her message.

Judge Birtukan is a mother of a baby child. As many of us she could be out of prison easily by agreeing to the demand of the ruling party. However, she sacrificed the benefit her child can get by having his mother by his side, because she loves her country. There is no additional benefit that she got that we did not get from Ethiopia. However she stood for her principles, her faith and her law ethics.

Judge Birtukan deserves our support. We should not sleep until we see her released. Let 1999 be the year where Dagmawit Taitu can freely play with her kid. Let 1999 be a year where all Ethiopians get mobilized and fulfill their historic responsibility to save Kinijit and Ethiopia. let 1999 be the year where Ethiopians, particularly those in the diaspora be freed from their bondage, the bondage of insensitivity, the bondage of selfishness, the bondage of identity crisis, the bondage of empty pride, the bondage of arrogance, the bondage of petit talk. Let 1999 be a year where Ethiopians become like the jews who labour day and night for safety , prosperity and security of the State of Israel. Let 1999 be a year where Ethiopians become people of action and results.

Shame on us for not doing enough to free Judge Birtukan Mideksa. Let 1999 be the year we can be proud of.

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