A short note to the United Nations Security Council and Human Rights Organization

March 8, 2021
Tesfaye Yigzaw

Regarding the situations in Ethiopia specifically a misguided report of the state in Tigray region:

A nation of unjust to its own citizens has no slight moral responsibility to criticize and defend human rights somewhere else.

First, the presence of Russia and China in a permanent member sit of Security Council of UN is highly appreciated, and without these countries the world peace would be in a disaster, and India’s decision is indeed highly valued.

War is the most heinous, dehumanizing acts in human history. It is not only destroys lives but also abolishes historical structures, diminishes economy and the spirit of humanity. The situations in Syria and Yemen is an excellent example of on going destructions.

In Ethiopia, Tigray Liberation Front (TPLF) is a terrorist organizations assumed power by the blessing of United States and United Kingdom diplomats in 1990. TPLF had lost power in 2018 by mass uprising. The new government led by Abiy Ahmed had offered them full rights to keep their business empires and political power in spite of all despicable crimes TPLF committed in the country.

Few among many human rights perpetrators of TPLF central committee members living in western countries are Siye Abraha, Tedros A. Ghebreyesus (working at world health organization) who committed series crime against Amhara women and children, including injecting HIV/AIDs virus, and Berhane Gebre-Christos who was an ambassador in Washington, the USA accused by his legal wife of cheating and settled with a payment of $6,000,000.

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TPLF’s crimes against humanity started during its guerilla warfare against Welkait Amhara, not only mass killings but children were prohibited to learn their language in schools, adults were not permitted to speak their mother tongue (Amharic), and men were killed and forced to leave the country, and women forced to bear their children to change a demography and Welkait land had been given to TPLF fighters. The same situations had taken place in Raya society. Just recently, thousands were murder. The United Nations Security Council and Human Rights organizations are responsible for the crises and death of thousands of Ethiopians murdered by TPLF would purposefully defending and protecting this evil organization.

Mass murder including throwing live person off the cliff in Hararghe, massacre in Arsi, a carnage at Assosa, Welega in a rehabilitations center’s massacre of Amharas is a well-documented crime against humanity committed by TPLF. In its inception, TPLF’s political manifesto clearly written to annihilate Amhara ethnic group and destroy Orthodox Church. Nevertheless, no Ethiopians, including Christians and Muslims were immune to TPLF’s crimes for 28 years.

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As TPLF was assumed power in Addis Ababa, mass murder in Ogaden (Somali) region, Gambela, Oromo, Afar and other regions continued. Ethnic Amhara and others lived as a second citizens deprived of economic development while mass murder unabated. It is sad, no one know exactly the crime TPLF had committed against the Tigray people because it was knotted the society in a one to five system to conceal information. For example, right before TPLF slaughtered soldieries who were stationed in Tigray to keep their peace, as well serving farmers collect their harvest. There were huge demonstrations in Mekele town against TPLF accused of raping women. The accusers were identified by name including a man who raped over 20 women. But no justice had been served.

Why all in sadden the United Nations and its Human Rights branch crying now? Where were they all 28 years when Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia demonstrated on the western countries’ streets condemning and exposing TPLF’s crimes? The answerer is obvious, TPLF has stolen billions of dollars, from the country, and a portion of this money went out to bribe western individuals and organizations including journalists to hide its crimes. Some of the money went further and shamefully to those individuals with close ties to the so-called democratic governments. There are dishonest human rights advocates like Amnesty International that has been infiltrated by TPLF’s members to falsify the truth, and including some international media, maybe paid or incompetent with journalism integrity are serving TPLF murderers.

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TPLF is not only a terrorist political organization, it is also a mafia operative that exploited the country’s resources including foreign loans and aid money that being divided among its elites and kept in different western banks. Their children were sent to western countries living in an extraordinarily life. These days, it is their turn rolling over in mud on western streets for demonstrations.

Blaming the Ethiopian government would send very bad precedency to other nations. Is there any country in the world that accept its solders to be murdered with no combat engagement? It was TPLF that attacked and murdered soldieries while they were resting in their garrison after helping the Tigrean farmers a whole day. The Ethiopian government has all the rights defending the integrity of the country.



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  1. Whether we admit it or not , Ethiopian military owned military missiles were fired across regional borders to the Amara region and across international borders to Eritrea repeatedly while the Ethiopian military was on the ground in Tigray, enforcing the law while capturing the TPLF high level officials and killing those who resisted. So far there are no concrete evidences presented to the UN showing it is the TPLF who fired these missiles. Evidences get lost unless collected and documented in a timely manner, that is why it is imperative for Ethiopia to present all available evidences ASAP to counter argue TPLF’s claim which states that “it is the Ethiopian military who fired the missiles to Amara and to Eritrea not TPLF”. Even if TPLF fired the missiles the Ethiopian government shares some of the blame for letting TPLF keep such dangerous weapons of major destructions which are initially owned by Ethiopia, without the federal government taking real concrete steps to recover the weapons of destruction from the criminal group who possessed weapons all along. If the Ethiopian government failed to recover these weapons of destructions from TPLF for three plus years while trying to do so, what tangible evidence is there currently that this across regional border and across regional border attacking TPLF group is currently not in possession of? What exactly would these TPLF currently be planing on doing with any weapons it currently got? Audit needs to be performed because these weapons might be used in international terrorist activities with Querro having access to them remaining to be a big issue for the UN, some from of accountability needs to be taken by the owner of the weapons which is the Ethiopian government because international border long range firing , hundreds civilians a day massacring and soldiers killing the TPLF group needed to be labeled as a terrorist group a while back by the Ethiopian government and why the Ethiopian government failed to label TPLF as a terrorist group all along is a big concern for the UN. Harboring a terrorist at a government level is a serious offense for any UN member country , especially for a country as Ethiopia who had been experienced in fighting terrorism in the horn of Africa , with ample knowledge in international rules of fighting the war on terroism.

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