A Response to Dr. Fikre Tolossa/Tolassa. By Dr. Beyan H. Asoba


By Dr. Beyan H. Asoba

Dear Dr. Fikre Tolossa/Tolassa,

Dr. Beyan Asoba
Dr. Beyan Asoba

I was travelling when the open letter your addressed to me appeared on a number of websites and was thus not in the position to respond sooner. In this response, I will address only those aspects of your open letter that personally concern me. The Oromo Democratic Front will have to respond on the general content of your writing.

Dear Dr. Fikre,

Let me start my comment by making a brief observation on how you spell your last name. I checked as many of your published works as possible and they are all signed by Fikre Tolossa. That is how your name appears on your University of Bremen dissertation of 1983 and numerous subsequent publications. And it is also how you spell your name on your Facebook. To my knowledge, it is only in the open letter addressed to me that you not only spelled your name as Fikre Tolassa but also added apparently your grandfather’s name, Jigsa.

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My question is: Why could you not accord me the same right? My name is not Bayyanaa Suba. I have never spelled my name in any other way than Beyan Asoba. I would not have recognized that this new name actually refers to me if it were not used in context of commenting on the Oromo Democratic Front, of which I am a member. Obviously, you took the liberty to attribute another name to me in order to serve your political objective.Let us leave Jigsa alone and allow him to continue lurking in the shadows, where you usually place him, and focus on Tolossa/Tolassa that more commonly appears after your first name. Tolossa could ostensibly be construed as a derivative of the Amharic word “tolo.” And I know for sure that Tolassa is a derivative of the Oromo word “tola.” Consequently, by spelling your name in two different ways, you appear to evince two contrasting identities. If by doing so you wish to sit on the Amhara/Oromo identity fence, all I can say is “suit yourself!” I fully respect your right to call yourself whatever you want and to proclaim any identity you choose.

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Only creators have the right to name the object of their creation. For example, auto-makers give specific names to their various brands just as parents name their children.

Unfortunately, for us, the sons and daughters of the Oromo nation, suffering the indignity of being re-named by Chauvinists has been a very common and bitter experience. Our very national name (Oromo) was erased from public records and replaced by another one along with a bundle of pejorative connotations associated with it. Even pupils used to be coerced by their teachers to dump the names originally given to them by their parents and to assume a new in order to start the process of qualifying as an Ethiopian.

It is this practice of demanding that individuals need to first die as Oromos, Sidamas, Walayitas, Kambatas, Hadiyas, etc. in order to be reborn as Ethiopians that sits at the heart of the political contestation in that country. And so long as being an Oromo and an Ethiopian are made incompatible, we have no choice but to either reject your Itophiyawinnet or suffer the imposed self-abnegation.

I want to make one thing perfectly clear to you and your likes. The days when Oromos had to endure self-abnegation are over and shall never return. We have rejected the Itophiyawinnet that is the antithesis of being an Oromo and shall continue to do so as long as this antithetical relationship is maintained. The choice is yours and your likes’. You either accept us with our identity and other rights fully respected or you kiss goodbye to your much vaunted Itophiyawinnet and Ethiopian unity. Can you not see that there is something immoral in trying to build Ethiopian unity on graves of Oromos, Sidamas, Walayitas, Kambatas, Hadiyas, etc .? Why do you refuse to recognize that this aspiration is ultimately counterproductive? I only hope that this irrational, immoral and ultimately destructive aspiration would give way to a more sober and fair articulation of an Ethiopian identity that is as an amalgam of the identities of the various nations inhabiting its territorial space.

Finally, I would like you to know that this is the last time I will comment on this very painful issue.

Beyan H. Asoba 5/29/13



  1. From GETACHEW REDA (Editor Ethiopian Semay)

    Did you read poor Beyan’s response to Dr.Fikre? What a shame! The fellow has no clue how to reply to Dr.Fikre brilliant argument and he embarrassed himself by saying “I will like you to know this is the last time to comment on this painful issue”. Indeed, painful! These are some of the self deluded elements who made their living in America, Europe working and educate their children In America & Europe far from the people they claimed they fight for them. And yet, they lack the moral spirit as leaders of any liberation fighters should need to belt on.
    If I were him, I should have shut up instead of coming to rebuttal with no substance but to argue with spelling names- where all Oromo name spell differently, since as I told you yesterday their name, pronunciations, skin colors, face features are different based on the geographic location each Oromo person/community live. Even the Arabs, or African Muslims pronounce or spell their name differently from each local to another locality or country to country? Mamadu/ Mammoudu/ Abrahimu/ Mohammod/Mohamed, Jamalu/Jamal…
    You see, these are what we telling all along , they have no valid argument anymore than arguing with names as Beyan is arguing here by leaving the main argument aside. These are what they call themselves “leaders” of OLF.

    Where do they live to begin with these leaders? In the Oromo jungle? Or where? How on earth one keep calling himself/herself leader/s of liberation organization that can’t supervised or lead the fighting in person, avoiding living in it physically on the ground, but living in Europe and in America as citizen of Europe and America or living as a refugee far about over 9, 385 Kilometers far away from the claimed place sleeping every night in a comfortable bed not in a chilly, freezing cold nights the jungle where the struggle requiring. Living in the internet world calling yourself “leader” is completely a joke of the century.

    Not only a joke, but it is a crime to fool those who live in America and in Europe with them as communities of refugees manipulating them to be as cult followers where none of them live on the said land far from paying the necessary contribution – “blood and sweat” to liberate it from the Ethiopians if that was the goal.

    We knew they have bankrupted political argument that failed and will again fail if continue in such myth (They know it already!). We know none of them, be it Beyan or their cult leaders are “not” ready to give their life to liberate Oromia, if that is the aim. What they are ready for is “fooling each other living and enjoying the American/European way of life dancing and gathering every year as any cult do to entertain themselves as part of manipulating the brain in a form of Festival/ritual gatherings”.

    Have you seen their theater? None of the youth leaders including the OLF political analyst ‘Jawar Mohammed’, or so called OLF youth doing the theater in every refugee camps in America or Europe will not volunteer to go the jungle of Oromia to fight the Ethiopians as they do the theater or as they write foaming on the internet. Their myth is simply disconnected (they too know it too) with the reality on the ground. It is sad, how the leaders made fool out of the poor and uneducated and ill informed community all over the land refugees in America, Europe.

    They urge the Oromo community to fight Ethiopia while they live in comfort outside Ethiopia. These liars need to be called for who they are. Beyan or his similar OLF elements are living comfort in America (not even in Kenya) for simple purpose. That purpose is not to liberate Ormo people as they lie, but “to live their life in comfort” by lying to the people they claim they lead to liberate them. That is their priority. Ormo or Oromia comes after all the comforts is assured in America. Why is that leaders live in America or in Europe or in Asmara/Eritrea while the land to be liberated is not on those mentioned countries or continents? They have no answer, because “they know they lie to themselves and their cults”.

    These elements live by lying to their community in the Diaspora that they will liberate them by remote control on the internet is indeed gamblers game. Their followers also are living in a similar delusionary state, faking themselves as OLF fighters on radio and TV, but the geographic location of the land to be liberated is in Africa.

    Not only the OLF cult leaders, but also the fooled cults are living with their liar leaders outside Africa. This is the only organization in the African history where leaders and cults live in America far from Africa claiming they are liberation Front fighters. Really, I feel sad for those who get fooled by these old farts and cowards who run away from the cities and the jungle forests of Ethiopia failed to resist the heat! They love the Satellite TV. Their leaders and their cults are now addicted to the TV, Mc DLT hamburgers and internets. Going back to hold the gun, if the hand is comfort and warmth holding the TV remote control to watch the European soccer game and the American football – No way going back to the junggle, that is it,– No way Jose! No way Hosay! As Americans say” (Find your fool- MoNNgihin Felig! as Ethiopians say). Getachew Reda (Editor Ethiopian Semay)

  2. You shouldn’t have spent a minute of your useful time to respond to a person who is lost and one who suffers tremendously from an identity crisis. By his own admission he speaks five languages – English, Russian, German, Amharic (Ethiopian) and some Arabic. I have not read his biography and do not know much about him except that he claimed at one time that he has an Oromo blood in him. I do not believe that he has any. Names can be confusing and what is disturbing about him is the fact that he uses his name as a stepping stone to fill us with the political view of right wing extremists and Neftegna reminants.
    His web site explains him much more than what he claims here. He is a lost man in space with fantasies.

  3. It is true Dr. Tolossa’s concern is to show the one-ness of Ethiopian people. His one mistake was to tailor history to his ideas. Unfortunately, Dr. Beyan ended up repeating the same mistake. Oromos are Cushitic; Amhara-Tigre are Semitic. If the issue is about ethnicity then there is no region of the world where different ethnic groups have not come together to form a nation. If on the other hand it is about oppression, Ethiopia [or Oromos] are no exception. Dr. Beyan took the matter the wrong direction by seemingly advocating Oromo exceptionalism [for other groups could claim the same]. To say “Tolossa” is Amhara and Tolassa is Oromo is as silly as one can get. Ethiopian spelling is perhaps the most atrocious on the planet; Ethiopians simply do not know enough phonetics to abide by the rules. Others could spell Beyan as Bayan or Bayyan, etc. The two chaps are PhDs like many who write in here and yet these simply do not have the stature of pragmatic leaders. Tecola, Ghelawdewos, Tedros, etc cannot bring themselves to write without mixing in statements of deceit. Eskinder wrote critically of Meles Zenawi [to step down among others] for which he was violated and sent to jail. Tecola [the human rights lawyer] wants Eskinder out of jail but wants him banished from his own country [because Eskinder is Amhara and Tecola has written rims about those neftegnas – even though Eskinder was never a neftegna and is well educated and fighting for democracy]. Ghelawdewos would write on corruption and not a single time make reference to Tigray or TPLF or Meles or Azeb or Seyoum Mesfin. In fact he contends that “Ethiopian people encountered the worst of all corruptions during the Derg military regime.” Of course, he is being dishonest to compare corruption during Derg era to today. Tedros comes along and crows that Ghelawdewos is the most important political theorist and educator, etc in Ethiopia. Just another lie. Coming to Oromo leaders all one can say is that beginning with Leenco they should be brought before a court of justice for the pain and suffering they caused the Oromo while living well themselves. They were so dumb they took TPlf bait depriving Oromo youths the advantage of learning Amharic; not learning Amharic only put the youth at a disadvantage. Having promised a breakaway republic under the auspices of Eritrea [many Eritreans now regretting the miscalculation and wanting to bring together the two peoples] for three decades Leenco and his ageing cadres now want to reverse course without facing the consequences of their follies. Another thing Dr. Beyan conveniently forgets is that there are millions of Ethiopians who are of Oromo parentage and yet do not buy into his ideas nor care for his endorsement. Many educated Ethiopians are so arrogant [think others are not as smart] and/or so evil they can’t bring themselves to write clearly and honestly. Turn to Meles Zenawi for a moment. We know he was brilliant. We also know he was a crook, a hateful and small man despised by majority Ethiopians. His life story, against every available evidence, is being reconstructed before our very eyes. Tecola and Ghelawdewos, etc have every right to support Meles’s policies but to refuse the mountain of evidence only goes to show these are not truth-seekers nor truth tellers. These would advocate importance of democracy and wave their Ethiopianism every where but would not want to see any capable Ethiopian other than a Tigrayan to assume leadership. These argued that Hailemariam was only a “deputy” [an assistant to Meles] and should not become Prime Minister. And a little later wrote that HM and the new Parliament are bringing real change in Ethiopia [though every one knows HM was handpicked and not elected and the power structure remained in the hands of Tigrayans]. Please read material each of these have posted in the Internet. In the end, HONESTY is the one thing lacking in our politics. Could we see a change soon? I don’t know. You want me to talk about Dr. Birhanu? Or Dr. Fisseha? Or ?

  4. The time has arrived no more Amara defining Oromos name or Oromos identity, Oromos will not be fooled to serve Amharas interest. It is time to stop Amharas domination of our Oromos culture and identity, we oromos were majority not some oppressive neftegna Amaras.

  5. Dr. Beyan,

    I did not expect a dialogue with this known misfit and vagabond. I do not believe he knows anything about Oromos. Many Tigrean/Gonder mix did not have a personal; experience with Oromos except their Debtera historians view of the Oromo. It is well known and we are just spending our time and energy to create a substance out of thin air with these guys. Getachew Reda or Fikre Tolossa have no bearing on the Oromo poltical course no matter how much they try.

  6. Alem,

    Shame on you. You advocate that Amharic is a way to salvation and you dare tell us that the Oromo people should give up on their right. We have been warming up to the notion that Neftegna politics has died and we should find a way of compromise. Well, reading your view and also reading into the current political developments, it appears that we are going further apart. That would be a blessing for all of us. You don’t have to worry about Oromos and and vise versa. Adios…

    • Mamo, the issue I raised is not about Amharic being ‘a way to salvation’. The reality in Ethiopia is that Amharic is the working language; Oromo youth were misled to not learn Amharic because persons like yourself think Amharic is a neftegna language thus effectively removing a means of communication between Oromos and Guragies, Wolaytas, etc. And yet you did not mind learning French or German [which by your logic is a language of the imperialist/colonialist]. Oromo youth are at a disadvantage understanding or being understood by their neighbors.

  7. He( Dr Tolossa) is suffering from following misunderstandings and delusions

    1. Dr. Tolossa repeated sin of Name Changing Cult: with the aim of totally eradicating History and Identity of others
    2. Dr. Tolossa is Psycho – Alien Country association to – Other countries ( Outside Africa)
    3. Dr. Tolossa even suggest Oromo migrated up to Madagascar : ( tries to correct theory that says moves from Madagascar)
    4. Dr. Tolossa does not have clue of written Language at all: Amharic has 7 eg (B-Geez,B-Ka’ib,B-Salis, B-Rabi’e,B-Hamis, B-Sadis, B-Sabi’) I am allowed to guess unintelligently here like him ( Sabi-7th letter) comes from Queen Saba). …..On the other hand Phonemes Oromiffa are 21 (B,BA,BAA BBA,BBAA,BE,BBE,BEE,BBEE,BI,BII,BBI,BBII,BO,BOO,BBO,BBOO,BU,BUU,BBU,BBUU). How Geez can be modified to handle this 21 Sounds will be great work for Oromo and Ethiopia, if his interest is genuine please work on it. He has problem writing name as mentioned in article above and misinterpreting others name to mean different. If you are positive please try to learn the language first before you say anything further.
    5. Dr. Tolossa misunderstood Oromo Existing internal Administration System: It is Bottom- Up unlike Top-down. Oromo Does not care what Dr. Thinks/choses is good or bad as far as it is not agenda of the majority.
    6. Dr. Tolossa is still accountable for what he has written about Oromo. The culture encourages you to speak/write out whatever Idea but you need to proof to the end. Oromo do not leave your bad Mass genocide idea suspended somewhere! Peace or Out!
    7. Dr. Tolossa hypothesize non-written alphabet is root cause of colonization. India has 13 or more written language and still they use English in addition to their written language. Egypt is colonized and has its own alphabet yet they use Arabic. What drives written language is the society local politics plus world economics/politics.
    8. Dr. Tolossa or others should have written or at least spoken these idea earlier. Why not now this way the first time.
    9. Dr. Tolossa has a sense Bible is modified or wrong. He claims his own story than proven Existing Story.
    10. Dr. Tolossa has Identity Crisis (Multiple disorder Identity): Claim half Identity for each Oromo and Amhara. To My knowledge there is no half identity then he concluded by claim third identity Neged Gojjam. Please do not try to create Multiple Identity for yourself and preach you have unity for Ethiopians. You may simply say I am Gojjame.
    11. Dr. Tolossa bad idea always starts at Melketsedik of Old Testimony. If you are Christian and Scholar please come to your sense! For God’s sake, I am begging you coz bad and dangerous world-class disaster ideology started by twisting word of God. We live in New Testament and according to New Testament Jesus is our Melketsedik. This is Christianity. Leave Melketsedik which you say is father of Amhara and Oromo! Please ask any True Amhara Christian! I know the direction you are heading too. So I want you to stop here!
    12. Remember Oromo/Amara/Christians and All Ethiopians take Blasphemy very seriously and I Expect Ethiopian Orthodox to watch your back.

    Peace for Ethiopia and Ethiopians!

  8. I don’t know what has happening with you idiot people. Dr. Tolossa is highely educated and who knows the history of Oromo more than anyone I know. I am half Oromo who has been searching my oromo roots for a long time, Dr. Toloss is the only who answer all my question.If you Oromo people think that you will govern Ethiopia…you should be out of your mind..Keep on dreaming BRAVO DR. TOLOSSA there are a lot of us who admire you.

  9. All are good and something to learn. But I canot stand this Getachew Rada. What does he expect us to do. You are luckey and your kins are killing and tortuering my people while you are here insulting the whole population. Mr. Rada do you beilive thier will be the end to it with all

  10. Isn’t Beyan from ODF ? hasn’t the ODF told us that they changed and are not OLF anymore ? From what I see , it is the same BEYAN with old narrow minded OLF attitudes.

    Dr Fikre made an acadamic and historcla discussions based on fact. He has applauded the new politics of the ODF. He provided his recommendation on the use of the so called “LATIN”, which has nothing to do with OROMO but an import from ROME. What’s wrong with that ??????

    Also Beya is calling Dr Fikre a “chauvinist”, For him Dr Fikre is not anOromo. Absurd !!!!

  11. I am very sad to note how widespread the disease of being narrow minded in the so called highly educated Oromos’. Looking at their exposure to education and the chance to meet guys from different countries, I expected the highly educated oromos’ to preach unity and love to fellow country men and women. To the contrary, guys like Dr. Beyan are spreading a posion in thier communities to divide the oromo people and make thier live unhappy. In places like Minneapolis, the peer pressure not to interact with Ethiopians (non-oromo) is negatively affecting their way of life. I extend my best wish for my oromo brothers and sisters to live in present time. Lighten up!!!

  12. Dr Beyan,
    I wish the mis-spelling thing did not occur, however shame on you for making trivia a subject of discussion. Fikre is not politician and his main focus is people and country. He does what scholars do. In contrast, I see a complete absence of scholarly attitude in your article. The politics of your article is also retail politics. You should do what is expected from leaders – leading people. Bridging gaps and building a better tomorrow for the well being of the larger majority … sad!

  13. who is Dr Fiqre
    Is he oromo ,Amara or Tigre ?
    Habasha’s dog Gurage ,Somale or Adare ?
    Doesn’t matter who cares
    any one can jump on the stairs
    to cut our bond , durable wires
    all abashas are cruel and dangerous
    Forget about the name
    every one can play a game
    dR fikre and ibdu G.Reda are the same

  14. @ Getachew Reda:

    dear ato Getachew:

    I have read both your commets given in both Amharic and English. You have expressed your hatered to wards oromos and other nations and nationalities in Ethiopia. You are saying unless you accept Amhra hegimony and narratives you are not human being. What a jok brother? I would like to put some arguments on your comment about unity of oromos. what factors unify oromo and what factors unify the Amhras or Absinian?
    A. Unifying factors for oromos:

    -common language
    -Common pyschological makeup
    -common culture, including outlook towards creators, life, nature etc.
    -All oromos have Gadaa system that bind them together (Guji, Borena, Macaa, Arsii, Hararge etc.) although your forfathers have tried to demolish it
    -Oromos have common flag, flag of abbagada that our forfather used for thousnd years (red black and white). do you know this?
    -Abave all, oromos are children of Borena and Barentu, ” ilma orma”, or children of orma. this is called sharing common kin or identity. Have you seen oda tree in oromia TV? that is not only a tree but genology of oromo, unity of oromo ok?

    Unifying factor for Amhara:
    -common religion, orthodox
    -common language, amhraic o
    -common national symbols like flag

    The Absinyan does not have common pyshcology, clture, and above all identity or kinship.

    Therefore, I tell you we will win your camp whether you like or not since we have broader base and more unifing elements than you have. Crying for others culture and symbol (lalibela belongs to agaw, Gondor castle belongs to betesreal’s etc), history. I tell you, you have no civelization, identity, kinship etc. This has made you to confuse your self and others. This is called identity crises. The begist unifying factor for the abeshas is relgion (orthodox), even this orthodox relgion belogns to Egpyians. Do you know Egptians lead your identity and outlook for more than one centrury.
    Dear Getachew Reda: you are firing a bullet that kill your self take a care?

  15. Beyan,

    How can you lead us, the great people of Oromo, when you are seriously suffering from such a chronic sickness of inferiority complex? We are indeed tired of you guys, pseudo-Oromos, who are not capable of doing nothing more than crisss-crossing the globe for decades, milking us dry and delivering nothing. And now, instead of engaging Dr Tolossa on the basis of scientific argument, you are trying to win sympathy from us by hurling insults. Disdain is not the answer to our burning issue of being liberated from the mafia group called – TPLF. Don’t misunderstand me here: I am talking about TPLF and the illetrate few from the various ethnic groups who gathered around this group and are sucking out peoples’ blood like ticks. I am not here referring to the innocent any ethnic group of the innocent people of Ethiopia. Finally, I would like to advise individuals like Beyan to get off our backs and learn how to live their own life before they attempt to become political leaders. What a shame! What a joke!

  16. @ Getachew reda

    Your argument is baseless like ur co writer Tolosa
    Let me put it in these way All Amhara people starting for their arrogant minlik to the common people have identity crises coz first of all they claim as if they r from the lion of Judah while they r slave to Arba people in yemana.
    So you guys even denounce your own identity and identified yourself with something u have no connection at all.
    How can any other tribe aspect any good thing from u guys while even u denounce ur own tribe and made urself lion of Judah .
    If u call oromo by what ever name you want ,who cares about you guys.
    Oromo never denied his identity which they get from creator like Amhara.
    But oromo denied the name given by neftagnas like u.
    Whether olf or odf we oromo people we know our history and u cant lecture us more the debtera history. Period

  17. I hope, the admins of this website may not discriminate (delete) my opinion due to my name. Even if they discriminate my opinion (delete), that shall never change anything, since my mind always remain with me. Having said that, let me turn to the response letter from Dr. Beyan.

    It is very true that Dr. Fikre has insulted Dr Beyan, when he changed his name (both first and last names). Dr. Beyan’s response may safice to that part of the insult. But Dr. Beyan didn’t respond to the core demands of Dr. Fikre. Those demands are:

    1) Eradicate Qubee afaan Oromo immediately, as soon as possible
    2) Worship Menilik’s flag
    3) Accept that Oromos were oppressors, but the poor Amharas are victims who are demonized for nothing (for what they never did)
    4) Accept, that, Oromos are also diqaalaas whose first mother is screwed up (raped) by someone named ‘Solomon’. They say, that is how their first illegitimate father (Diqaalaa father = Menilik I) was born
    5) By accapeting #4, also accept that Oromos are illegitimate brothers of the Amhara (whose first mother was raped, gave birth illegitimately).

    Basiccally, the core demands of Dr. Fikre are left completely unanswered.

    Hence, since the letter was addressed to both Dr. Beyan and ODF, both Dr. Beyan and ODF still need respond to the core demands of Dr. Fikre. Both Dr. Beyan and ODF can not play fool in the face of their enemy. If they choose to remain fool and foolish, they shall truely face the judgement of Oromian public, as well as the judgement of their own enemy.

    The ultimate victory belongs to freedom seeking humanity!!!
    Oromiyaa shall be FREE!!!

  18. As far as Beyan’s issues are concerned the questions of oromos of his definition are all answered. OPDO is working day and night on it. I do not know what agenda is left for Beyan. His ODF is out of any meaningful role in the Ethiopian Politics in that sense. Dr Fikre has the right to trace his origin, Beyan and his co are not the one that accept or deny that self. The misdeeds Beyan is talking are a distant past. Who are responsible for this have already gone. This backward thinking is not useful for the bright future we are dreaming. Is this the time to settle every griefs we have. Who do you think will pay for that? It is like stacking somewhere and being stranded. If at all it resulted in armed struggle by OLF before even TPLF. Have you made any little analysis why OLF is not successful or are you still blaming Amharas. Even the TPLF who claimed to win the fight with tribal pretext, you yourself are the living witness and knows what has happened. So Dr. Fikre’s call or letter for me is a note to remind you the other side of the story which you do not want to hear. But as you claim you are the champions of the Oromo struggle you come up with disgusting insult to the Ethiopiawinet. This shows your narrow mindedness. After all who will lull you like a baby to be Ethiopiawi? No one. Come to your sense and stop making such irritating noise. He wrote the letter in Amharic, Beyan replied in Amharic. Because he and the likes hate Amhara, Ethiopia and the language. In the past 20 years because of the Beyan type orientation and TPLF conspiracy in education we have a generation with out common language. According to Beyan our kids will communicate in English or Ormiffa!! Is that OK. So you still shout at dark where as my fellow citizens suffer with your ill guided politics.

  19. Why other people are not bothering to study Oromifa to communicate with the most dominant population in the region? I can see and read history books more European and American scholars are trying to understand our language than Ethiopian scholars who know the people very well. Germans, French and Swedes are the ones who really knew the language than some so called scholars in the higher institutes of the Empire. Shame on them. I am not sure if Doctor Fikire is as fluent in Oromifa as his father or most probably his mother.
    He does not write or compose his beautiful poems in his mother tongue. I dare him do that because he will have more audience and most probably more followers. I have not seen a single poem he had written using Oromifa using Amharic Alphabets. If he does not do that; I will not believe what he is telling us.
    Most probably he is building a hegemony for another superior force not even the Amhara people. I can see that deep in his analysis. I urge the ESAT journalists to broadcast in Oromifa to the whole East African people instead of restricting their audience to Amharic speaking people. Learn from the VOA! Some scholars in the country hate to even hear our language spoken in the public. They have been getting nervous when they found out that the current government launched independent TV stations in some major languages including Oromifa.
    God knows when such backward blindness and unfairness stops and genuine dialogue starts to flourish among the people of the Empire. I

  20. The only way out of this quagmire
    1. Let everybody agree on removal of Weyane
    2. Let everybody agree on democracy and free election
    3. Let everybody agree to accept who ever elected by people regardless of the elected individual’s ethnic origin, gender, religious affiliation
    4. Let everybody agree all 82 ethnic groups are equal and Ethiopia belongs to all
    5. Let everybody agree all languages are equal
    6. Let everybody respect the right of an ethnic group’s to choose any alphabet to write their language (Geez, Latin, Chinese, Arabic, Hindi, or Hieroglyphics)
    7. Let everybody agree to choose one local language as a national working language through good will negotiation to create win-win situation (for example, Amharic has been common to all ethnic groups). If negotiation doesn’t work, use referendum to choose 5 or 6 major languages. If everything fails, then use English (as last resort)
    8. Let every ethnic group use their own scholars to write their own history. Let a panel of historians composed from each ethnic group write the common history based on empirical evidence (archeology, anthropology, paleontology, artifacts etc)
    9. Last but not least, forget and forgive the grudges of bygone era and deal with current and future issues
    10. For superior and inferior complex therapy, I can be reached at [email protected]

  21. Thank you Obbo Beyan Asoba for your genuine response to the letter recently written by Dr Fikre Tolassa/Tolossa. You nailed it on his head. Dr Fikre did many mistakes in his letter. These are 1) He changed legal name 2) He fabricated history 3) He prescribed Geez for Afan Orom writing.

  22. Dear all

    The Ethiopia of Minilik and haile selaase is dead.If we want to live united and in peace,here is one solution.
    1)Forget the name ethiopia and find a new name.
    2)Change the flag many nationalities refuse the flag of minilk
    3)English official language
    4)Accept a confederation freely accepted by all nations.The existing unite is artificial because maintend by force.

    The second solution is independance for all nationalities.Oromia republik,amhara republic,afar,ogaden beshangul,wolaite ,Tigray…….

  23. Beyan=Beyene, Be Ya nn, Beeyyaan, Beyan is oromo
    beee yy aaaa nnnn pre oromo
    Beyyaaannn pure oromo
    Beyyyaaaaaannnnnnn Oromo DNA
    BbbbbbbbbeyyyannnnnnnnThe name of a pure thorough bred oromo

    Beyyyan a mixed blood oromo name, impure

    It is clear to see Beyyann suffers from chronic inferiority complex.

  24. Many thanks for Dr. Fikre Tolasa, for provoking and exposing the ugly faces of narrow nationalists like that of Byan asoba, Ato Asoba, come to know that racism is a road map to distroy humanity. Racism gives rise to an evil quality of human jenius that temptes humans to become animal-like moster. A case in point is Byan Asoba and associates. Racism knows no fear of God, no inner-voice, no logic or morale to check their monstrous minds, Racists treat humanity with disrespect. Isn’t that what Byan and likes are all about?

    Ato Byan, hate is a crime and ethnic politics is a hate driven ideology. We will not allow you to practice racism in ethiopia.

    Gudu Kassa

  25. I was not expecting such a low level argument from Mr Beyan. It is really sad. I thought they have got a lesson from the mistakes and crimes of OLF. I was hopeful when they form ODF. WHat I see now is change of name with the same narrow mind setup. They never stop dreaming to be prime minester of little Oromia. How can you dare to claim you are more Oromo than Dr Fikre?? I beg Mr OBANG METHO to give this guys a lesson on HUMANITY BEFORE ETHNICITY and NO ONE IS FREE UNLESS YOU ALL ARE FREE. They never got it!!! ..’gala ena shinfela biatbut ayteram’….

  26. Koya- Aren’t you over this yet.Ask lencho about his experiences on the matter you still preach and the failures associated with it to this date.Norwegian politicians laugh at you behind your back on yours truly matter of independence.Open your eyes for a second and try to picture how impossible it is.

  27. Beyan; How idiot you are? You are claiming that you are the true representative to Oromo people for the past over 50 years, but you could not bring any change because your mind is empty and narrow. How dare you challenge Dr. Fikre? He is very talented pure Oromo and Ethiopian unlike you idiot. I know you in many occasions in meetings since the last 20 years and you are declining and become useless. Shame on you and respect on Dr. Fikre.

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