A panel discussion: Is Ethiopia in need of more official working languages? Pt 4

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Some argue that all of Ethiopia’s languages need to be recognised as official working languages, some debate that the main ethnic languages such as; Oromiffa, Somali and Tigrigna should be recognised as official working languages, and others make a case that there is no need for more such language designations for Ethiopia.
A panel discussion: Is Ethiopia in need of more official working languages? Pt 4
Currently Ethiopia’s official working language is Amharic.
Dr Girma A. Demeke (the former Head of Language Studies Academy at Addis Ababa University), Geletaw Zeleke, and Tsegaye Regassa (the former Senior Lecturer at Addis Ababa University and a PhD Candidate at University of Melbourne Law School ) reflect upon their own views regarding Ethiopia’s official working language from a legal, political, human rights and cultural identity perspective.


  1. Is this really what we Ethiopians at large looking for? I do not think so, all this talk are leading to there slave masters. what we are looking for is Ethiopians intellectuals to empower us how great we are when we stand together. Not by the rat race war Ethiopians youth well have a better future.

  2. I completely agree that using Ethiopia official to utilize for the purpose of the subject of matter. If you want to achieve scientific knowledge of understanding Ethiopians have to understand the difficulty of understanding ones language, that means the cultural impact packed into it. No outsider will understand Amharic by learning or leaving in the country for years. Learning using your own language means understanding or acquiring the fundamental mater of the subject, which is essential for uncovering deep knowledge about the subject you are studying.

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