A new race: Gebrselassie to enter politics

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Associated Press

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (AP) – Distance running great Haile Gebrselassie says he is entering politics and may run for president of Ethiopia – even if his wife is not sure it’s a good idea.

The two-time Olympic gold medalist and multiple world champion in the 10,000 meters tells The Associated Press he wants to “reach more people” through politics, a topic most Ethiopians avoid in a restrictive society with few civil liberties.

Used to breaking barriers having set over two dozen world records from 5,000 meters to the marathon, the 40-year-old Gebrselassie says in an interview Monday that he will run for a seat in parliament as an independent candidate in 2015.

And although the next presidential election in September is probably too soon, Gebrselassie also is considering a future run for that office.

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  1. welcome to kality unless u became a fack independent ! MY HERO! STAY OUT

  2. Getu and Birke

    pls he has a right to run for as any ethiopian citizen has you guys know much more about haile than haile knows about him self ? do not be stupid who ask you to advice haile
    why we ethiopian always respond with negative lets learn to incourage people what ever they need to do. lets live for our self before interfer some bodies choice if we are stand for freedom lets respect peoples freedom

  3. Gselassie has been involved in some sort of role as an ‘elder’. not sure how he got that role or for what purpose he was given the role.

    I am sure he is being advised by the same people to consider being a president.

    Unfortunately, in a system that is defective, anti-democracy with no transparency, and where you have ZERO chance of winning as an independent candidate outside TPLF and its surrogate ethnic organisations, I cannot see how Gsellasie can win a seat as an independent candidate.

  4. What a stupid idea Haile! I believe you have achieved the maximum in your capacity by running and we all aploud you enough for that.
    Now it would be more wiser for you to learn how and where to use your accommulated wealth and fame to help your people and your country.
    You can do many things for your people by using your fame and fortune without involving in politics just by speaking in public about fair and free election focusing your attention to civic society for change and to build democracy in our country. beside your successful athletics story, we never heard of you speaking a simple principle of civil liberity and democracy and most of us don’t think you have that in your blood veine.
    Stay where you are my brother, you will lose what you have left including the love and respect among Ethiopians.

  5. As prime minister told you before you need knowledge to be a president. It’s not easy to lead country and people with out knowledge. It is not easy as running 10,000 meters.

  6. Stupid article, there is no presidential election in Ethiopia. The president is appointed by the prime minister and confirmed by parliament. Weyane requires the presidential nominee to be independent parliament member. Pro weyane haile is not a member of parliament to be appointed by weyane. So where is the editor of this article? This is low for AP..this reads like a paid for article.

  7. You could have your chance until you started catering for Weyane. You Traitor
    no body respect you……………No chance you messed up your chance up….Moran


    I do not understand, why is these amara dominated opposition residing in Amaerica and Canada always feel inferior and negative about everything ? ?
    Wake up people, this is the new era in Erhiopia everybody have the right to serve their country as they prefer to do so.

  9. Running on the street and running a nation is not the same thing. One needs qualified experience from political life. Unfortunately, even donkeys could run Ethiopia. The ignorant tigres who are not better than donkeys are destroying Ethiopia. They thought fighting in the desert is as simple as running a complicated nation like Ethiopia.

    Ethiopia needs experienced and qualified Ethiopians not ignorant bandas.

  10. Haile, rucha rucha new, menkeszkesz gin lela new. I belive you have enough time. Better wait till Woyane is gone.

  11. Haile!! What the hell presidential election you talking about??. Congratulations, you must be the chosen one for the next Woyane game.

  12. ሳውዘርነር በጣም አሳቅኅኝ ።ግን ሀይሌ ለቅሶ ለመድረስ ሪቫን ለመቁረጥ እንደነጋሶ ዶክተር መሆን ወይም እንደ ጋሽ ግርማ መቶ አለቃ መሆን አያስፈልገውም ግን ሀይሌን ሁለቱም እንግሊዝኛ ይበልጡታል።አንድ ቀን እንኳን ለሰብአዊ መብት መከበር ሲናገር ያልሰማሁት የኣሎምፒክ ጀግናዬ በሩጫው የምኰራበት የማከብረው የሀገሬ ብርቅ ሰው ሀይሌ ተው እየተስተዋለ ሜኔ ሜኔ ቴቄል ፋሬስ እንዳይሆን።

  13. ወይ ጉዳችን የኛ የኦሎምፒክ ጀግና ኃይሌ፥ ኧረ ተመከር እባክህ::
    አንድ ዓረፍተ ነገር በዓማርኛ ወይም በእንግሊዝኛ ዓሳክቶ የተሟላ ኃረግ መናገር የማይችል ግለሰብ እንዴት ፕሬዘዳንት ለመሆን ያስባል፥ የቄስ ሚስት ዓወቅሽ ዓወቅሽ ቢሏት መጽሐፍ አጠበች ይባላል አሉ፥

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