A moral obligation to condemn the crisis emerging in Ethiopia

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Protesters chant at a rally to denounce U.S. mediation of Ethiopia’s national affairs outside of the White House on Nov. 8. (Demetrius Freeman/The Washington Post)

The Nov. 7 editorial “A looming crisis in Ethiopia” sensibly urged a quick end to the conflict in Ethiopia. Indeed, the tragic situation must be stopped before it reaches another level of human crisis.

 However, the editorial played down the numerous unspeakable crimes of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front, which does not represent the entire population of the Tigray region. For 27 years, the TPLF ruled Ethiopia ruthlessly with divisive policies that nurtured animosity among various ethnic groups. The current crisis is directly tied to the TPLF era and its subsequent downfall in 2018.

As a government and a rebel group, the TPLF maintained a horrible record of human rights issues. While in power, it suppressed opposition with brutal force and embezzled the country’s treasury. In the current conflict, the TPLF’s long list of crimes in neighboring Amhara and Afar regions is well-documented. The group continues to massacre and displace innocent civilians, rape and abuse women and children, destroy churches and hospitals, attack faith and community leaders, and loot humanitarian aid.

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The Biden administration and the international community have the moral obligation to condemn the TPLF and stand with the people of Ethiopia. It’s time that the Western world and international media give their support to Ethiopia for the sake of justice and peace.

Tewodros Abebe,

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